World Single Premiere: Jake Austin Walker Shares “Suffer” Single + Thinking Backwards EP

Since the beginning of his journey as an actor, Jake Austin Walker has found a home between acting and music. While working in productions like Rectify (Sundance), Stargirl (DC), and National Treasure: Edge of History (Disney+), Jake released a collection of singles and EPs, which quickly built a foundation of music fans and multiple millions of streams. His 2018 single “Fuck Love” was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday and boasts almost 2 million streams.

“Suffer” single:  x “Changed Man”:

Today, Walker shares his debut EP, Thinking Backwards, including his single “Suffer”. “’ Suffer’ really came through a late-night phone call with my girlfriend,” Walker recalls. “We talked about how sometimes you suffer for the things you love. That sentence stuck to me like glue. The following week was my first time in the studio in two years. When discussing what we wanted to write about, I immediately thought about my conversation with my girlfriend, and within 30 minutes, we had the entire song mapped out. Sometimes, you Suffer for love. Sometimes love Suffers for you.”

In April 2024, Jake released the single “Changed Man,” which landed him on Apple Music’s New In Alternative playlist. Walker discussed, “When we set out to write Changed Man…I wanted to portray the inner thoughts of someone who’s trying to change their ways for the one that makes them undeniably whole.”

Today, Jake refocuses his energy entirely on music, sharing the Thinking Backwards EP, a collection of songs that are a defining step forward for Walker as an artist.


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