Jordyn Woods Launched her Fashion Line “Woods by Jordyn” and You’ll Definitely Want to Adorn Your Body in These Dresses!

Interviewed by: Perrin Johnson @editsbyperry

Written & Edited by: Shirley Reynozo @moyamusic_

You saw her grace our magazine as a cover girl in 2017, and now she’s back! Jordyn Woods is such a girl-boss extraordinaire that it’s hard to keep up. From her rigorous workouts on her fitness app, to her fashion collaboration with PrettyLittleThing, to launching her own fashion line Woods By Jordyn (to name a few), Jordyn shows a superb capability to hold it down for herself. It’s a wonder how she still has time to be a loving daughter, sister, role model and supportive bae to Karl Towns, a Dominican-American professional NBA player for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Maybe she gets her super strength from being a Libra, or Black Girl Magic or both.

From endorsement deals to modeling, Jordyn Woods has done it all by the age of 25 – but she’s not stopping now. Jordyn embodies all things Galore; beauty, poise and grit. We’ve caught up with the designer while she’s hard at work on her new clothing line, Woods by Jordyn, a body positive – curve loving evening wear line that is here to stay. 

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Interviewed by: Perrin Johnson @editsbyperry

Jordyn! Long time, no see! Galore and Jordyn go way back. How has working with other brands and partnerships helped evolve and mold your brand now? 

Yeah! I’ve done so many fun events and shoots with you guys. With brand collaborations, it takes hard work and time but when you’re doing your own brand you have to give it your all, you have to give it 100%. 

I think with other brands a lot of things have been trial and error. As an entrepreneur you’re gonna hit bumps in the road but this time around I’m really hands on with every single little step; if something doesn’t work out I know exactly what happened or where it happened and how to fix it. The evolution of me as an entrepreneur and as a woman is taking the next step on being hands-on on everything. Growing and evolving is the next chapter. 

A lot of celebrities will do deals and partnerships and they’re not hands on with it. When things are wrong, when the production isn’t good, it all falls on them at the end of the day. When I hear you say that you’re hands on with everything; down the design, fit, cut and overall pleasing your customer – I can appreciate hearing that. 

Yeah definitely, I would say it’s been a lot and it’s been a journey, I feel really good about it because at the end of the day no matter how things go I know that I put detail and time into every little thing, big and small, from sizing to quality and inclusivity. I really thought about what I think was everything, of course there’s always more to learn. I really took my time with it. I’m super happy with it, and I think other people will be too.

Good! How about living in California, has that influenced your brand?

Well I’m kind of a bi-coastal girl now *laughs*. I’m always back and forth, but at the heart of it I really am a Cali girl. I do think that it just depends. My new line includes mesh dresses. It’s so versatile that no matter who you are or where you’re from, you probably will feel comfortable wearing it. I swear, it’s like the sisterhood of the traveling dress because it looks good on everyone.

Are there any pieces that are your absolute favorite that you created that you are working into your wardrobe?

Yeah, I’m starting with only three dresses. They are all the same fit, just different designs, different colors. I did an all black one a little more basic for the safe girl, then I did a really beautiful sunset dress. The vibe of it feels so warm when you look at it. And then I did the mix of the color and the black for every different type of mood.

Are you planning on collaborating with anyone to broaden your audience for the future?

I would love to do some full collaborations. As of right now I am just getting everything off the ground. Definitely in the future I would really be interested in doing some collaborations. I would love to get local artists to design dresses and stuff like that. The possibilities are endless and I am very open. I think collaborating with dope people is a huge part of evolving as a brand. Mixing ideas is really fun! There’s so many talented people out there that don’t get enough recognition either. 

Here at Galore we love you so much, we are thrilled we get to share this collection!

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Talent: Jordyn Woods @jordynwoods

Written & Edited by: Shirley Reynozo @moyamusic_

Interviewed by: Perrin Johnson @editsbyperry

Transcribed by: Shirley Reynozo & Perrin Johnson

Cover Art: Perrin Johnson @editsbyperry & Carlos Graciano @sadpapi666 

Photographer: Bonnie Nichoalds @bonnienichoalds 

Lighting tech: manny canseco

Creative Director/Producer: Jordan Johnson @jcutie14

Makeup: Karly Ketelle @makeupkarly 

Hair: Hair by Jay @hair_by_jay1 

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