You Probs Won’t Be As Nice To Your Boo If They’re Uglier Than You

Have you ever wondered why so many girls tend to date dudes who are a little less fortunate then them in the looks department? It might be because the better looking you are in comparison to your partner, the more likely your partner is to go the extra mile to make sure that they keep you around.

Don’t believe me? Too bad, because this study doesn’t lie.

A study on how attractiveness plays into relationships, led by Joshua Oltmanns, analyzed 73 heterosexual couples and had them fill out a questionnaire about their mate retention tactics.

Mate retention behavior is basically a measurement of how often a partner will do special things to make sure their partner stays around — buying them gifts, commenting on their Instagram pics, making them bacon — and also how often they do things to ensure other mates don’t try to steal their bae, like putting their arm around them in public or obnoxiously posting about them on Facebook.

The study also had outsider volunteers rate the attractiveness of each partner in the study.

And guess what? The study found that people with attractive partners were way more likely to perform these “mate retaining behaviors,” especially if the people viewed their partner as more attractive then themselves.

So the only logical conclusion on the opposite end is that people who date partners that they view as less attractive then them don’t perform these mate retaining behaviors all that much. And once again, looks prevail. Kinda upsetting, but unsurprising.

The good news is that there will always be someone on this planet that’s uglier than you, and if you’re trying to have a partner that worships the ground you walk on, you may want to consider dating them.

Otherwise, just remember your self-worth, and if your boyfriend isn’t treating you right because he thinks he’s hot shit for some reason (even if he isn’t), tell him to gather up his Supreme hat and Magnum condoms from your place and GTFO.

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