‘WomenForTrump.com’ Is For Sale if Anyone Wants It

Are you looking to invest in some prime internet real estate? If so, you should probs to def close this browser tab.

But if you want to waste your money on something no one will look at, keep reading, because I have a very exciting opportunity for you: WomenForTrump.com is for sale!

That’s right, you, or me, or someone else dumb, could be the proud owner of WomenForTrump.com. According to the aptly named Twitter account @WomenForTrump, which appears to be a parody account, it is currently for sale.

I have slid into @WomenForTrump’s DMs to inquire about the price and will update this space when they respond.

But in the meantime, let’s reflect on what a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity this is — you could own a website just for women who support a guy who can’t and probably won’t ever have a clear stance on abortion, responded to the slut-shaming of his wife by shaming a different woman for something totally unrelated, and once skied away from a fight between his wife and his mistress.

Yes, it’s hard to comprehend why WomenForTrump.com isn’t home to a humming base of female support for Donald J. Trump. Maybe someday.

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