Donald Trump & Ted Cruz Are Fighting Over This Nude Photo of Trump’s Wife

Earlier this week, a mysterious group called Make America Awesome released an attack ad shaming Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, for having modeled nude in a British GQ spread 15 years ago:

The ad was created by Make America Awesome, an organization that claims it has no ties to any candidates. But because Make America Awesome has also created pro-Ted Cruz ads and this ad calls for supporting him, people are blaming the ads on Cruz. It’s highly unlikely that Cruz’s campaign had anything to do with this, and Make America Awesome could just as easily be dedicated to screwing Cruz himself over, judging by this trollish ad. But that’s beside the point.

Of course, we at Galore know there’s nothing wrong with posing nude and it has no bearing on whether you’re a good person or not. Duh.

With that in mind, the best way for Trump to respond to this ad would have been to say, “Who cares?” Why should Donald or Melania be ashamed that she’s posed nude? Why should it matter to voters that a presidential candidate’s wife used to be a model?

This would have served a few purposes. It would have pissed off feminists — one of Trump’s favorite activities — because it would have forced us to throw him a bone for being sex positive and standing up against slut-shaming.

But instead, Trump responded by threatening to uncover dirt about Cruz’s own wife in a tweet that’s since been deleted.

After deleting the tweet that implied Melania’s nude photo shoot counts as some dirty secret — “beans” to be “spilled” — Trump still didn’t stand up for his wife’s right to pose naked. Instead, he called Ted Cruz a liar and insinuated that Cruz’s people created the ad, which they clearly didn’t — even Ted Cruz isn’t that dumb. 

And so, what could have been a valuable lesson on slut-shaming has instead devolved into a battle of “your mom” jokes, only “mom” is substituted with “wife.” Cruz and Trump are fighting, and all of America is losing.

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