The Women of Team USA Won More Medals Than the Dudes

What a time to be a woman in the United States.

Not really, because ya know we still have a misogynist in the running for the presidency. And there’s still gender inequality. But if you’re a Team USA female Olympian, odds are you probably medaled.


Because, not like this is news or anything, our chicks are boss as fuck, and we took that all the way to Rio this year and proved it for the world to see.

Of the medals that our Olympians won, women won 61 of them, meanwhile the men won 55.

BUT what’s even more incredible is of the 61 medals women won, 27 were gold. That’s more medals than the men and women combined in any other country, excluding our friends across the pond in Great Britain who scored a combined total of 27 gold medals.

As a result, we’ve paid a lot more attention to our female athletes this year, like Simone Biles’ breakout gymnastics performance or like Katie Ledecky who basically left all the competition in the pool, and squashes the dudes she practices with.

That’s fucking incredible.

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