In Addition to World Records, Katie Ledecky ‘Breaks’ Dudes at Swim Practice

The Rio Olympics are off to a good start for Team USA, and for the swim team, even better. Especially for Katie Ledecky, who just broke her own World Record in the 400m freestyle event, improving her best time by 2 seconds.

But that’s not the only thing she’s apparently breaking. It turns out that the dudes who train with Katie also end up broken when she beats them during their training and practices.

Another American Olympic gold medalist, Conor Dwyer, said in an interview with USA Swimming back in April that he had seen many guys “broken” by Katie while they were training together at the Olympic Training Center. She apparently beat them so badly, they had to be pulled out of practice.


Conor is a 6’5″ 27-year-old who won a gold medal in the 4-by-200 freestyle relay in London, a.k.a. one of the few dudes who can edge past her in a race.

“She is no easy task to beat in practice, even as a male,” he says. “I didn’t get broken by her, so I’m happy with that.”

Well good, we’re glad your masculinity is intact.

“I saw her break a lot of guys in practice,” Conor says. “What I mean is if we’re doing a 3K threshold, she’ll just start beating you every single hundred, and slowly but surely you get broken like you do in a long race, like a mile. Your morale goes down pretty quickly when you get broken by a female in practice. I saw a couple of guys have to get yanked out of workout because they got beat by her.”

Awww poor babies.

Many of Katie’s male training partners apparently feel like this when the get beat by a girl. 17-year-old Matthew Hirschberger, who competed at the Olympic trials this summer for Rio and is one of the United States’ best middle-distance swimmers (although he didn’t qualify for the Olympics poor bb) says it’s annoying.

“I’m not gonna lie, it can be annoying when she beats you,” Hirschberger said to the New York Times. Even if the person getting the best of him is a reigning world-record holder in three events? “You’re just not used to getting beat by a girl,” he said.

And to make this even better on Katie’s part, when she was asked whether or not she was aware that the boys were getting annoyed or “broken” by her, she says she didn’t even notice.

“I was probably just concentrating on doing my own work,” Katie says, like a mature human being.

Ugh, can these boys get more whiny? But it doesn’t even matter because Katie doesn’t care. You know what Katie, you fucking go girl.

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