Simone Biles Is Now Officially Without a Doubt the HBIC of Gymnastics

Simone Biles is literally the best gymnast in the world, and she just proved it by winning yet ANOTHER gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

She just won the women’s individual all-around gold medal at the games, which is regarded as one of the most coveted awards a gymnast could ever receive.

Today she made it to the finals, and while she scored second place on the uneven bars, it was her floor performance that secured her gold medal in the all around with her signature move “The Biles”. It’s a tricky move that no one else has been able to do but her.

Even though many people had already speculated that she would win today, as Nastia Liukin told the New York Times that Simone basically unbeatable in the world of gymnastics, but nonetheless it’s a hell of a feat.

Congrats, Simone, on getting the Head Bombshell in Charge title (oh and a gold medal too I guess).

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