20-Somethings Need to Use This 1 Anti-Aging Product

Like most sane people, I have a multi-step beauty routine in the morning and night that I follow. Most of the products that I use are pretty basic, nothing fancy.

Even if they aren’t the fanciest, top of the line products, they serve an important purpose for preventing problematic issues later on like sensitive skin, acne or wrinkles.

And even if you don’t have wrinkles yet, it’s never too start considering adding an anti-aging product into your daily beauty regimen.

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The experts agree. According to dermatologist Timm Golueke, who is one of Germany’s leading anti-aging doctors, says there’s one super important product that you should start using in your early 20s and it’s not what you would expect.

It’s eye cream.

Honestly, that would be the last thing anti-aging product I’d think to use, but Goleuke told W Magazine, “That area is the most sensitive area on our whole face and that’s where we get wrinkles first. You shouldn’t wait, especially with the eye area, to start using eye cream.”

This totally makes sense considering how much exposure to sunlight and toxins your face gets. Of course this varies with where you live, but investing in precautionary measures means not spending so much on botox later on in life!

And an eye cream isn’t terribly expensive, and look, here’s one you can buy for only $22.

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[H/T] W Magazine

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