What to ask for during a facial, based on your skin’s needs

As a modern woman, there are few words as glorious to hear as, “let’s get a facial.”

Everybody loves facials, but let’s be real, once you get to the spa, you don’t really know wtf to ask for.

Sure you could ask to get a run down of all the options, but more often than not you’d probably just mumble out something like, “uhhh, I just want my skin to glow.”

And just like you can’t use any old face wash and expect your skin to look perfect, you can’t settle for just any facial and expect magic results.

So we asked Eve Salon master facialist & raw foodist Eileen Bisheoff what you should be asking for, based on your skin’s needs.

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All type of skins should be correctly exfoliated to remove dead skin cells at least once a week especially for oily skin. Moisturizer to balance skin. Face must be washed morning and night. No sleeping with makeup.

Dry skin: use a serum before a moisturizer to penetrate the skin faster and deeper to get the perfect amount of hydration.

Large pores: use acid such as IS Clinical to prevent clogged pores and shrink pores. This acid also purifies the skin.

Anti-aging: use serums with peptides it stimulates collagen production before moisturizer, also good for the eye and neck area. Use good anti-aging masks because they will rejuvenate the skin and brighten it.

Hyper-pigmentation: it’s very important to use SPF all the time, especially during the majority of the day and use serums containing acids.

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