What Fashion Snobs Are Wearing This Spring

Every trend goes through a cycle. It starts as something that only someone like Giovanna Battaglia would wear, then after a certain amount of time, every basic is wearing it to walk around the mall with their pre-teen friends.

Obviously, some trends are simply too hideous to make it to mainstream (although they may make a watered down version), but for the most part, that’s how it works.

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Spring’s biggest trends have already been popping up everywhere, but some of the most bizarro trends haven’t quite made it off Instagram yet. To fashion snobs, this just makes the trends even cooler. I mean, this season, it seems like the uglier something is, the better.

Here’s what fashion insiders and snobs will be wearing this spring while the rest of us prance around in millennial pink.

1. Fupa Pants

DropOne @kendallandkylie Coming Soon

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Arguably the most disturbing of the insider trends right now, the FUPA pants are one of those things that legit don’t look good on anyone except people who are stick thin or have a ridic hip to waist ratio. These don’t even look amazing on Kylie, everyone’s just distracted by her cute hair and poppin’ cleavage to notice the folds of fabric around her crotch area.

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2. Gaucho Jeans


House of Holland X Lee Wide Leg Jean with Wrap Front, $300

The go-to jean silhouette has been skinny for forever, so fashion peeps had to shake things up. The flare is slowly creeping back into style, and those annoying scraggly hemmed jeans are also everywhere among trendy crowds. But these super wide-legged jeans are another animal entirely.

3. Latex/Shiny Shit

Silver Surfer

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The average person can’t step out with their nips exposed. The average person also can’t spend $300+ on a latex dress that needs to be shined with a special oil every few minutes. Celebrities can. And we’re just jealous, because latex looks hot. Unfortunately, it also is hot, and unless you have an assistant to fan you at all times, you’ll probs look like a hot mess.

4. Blue lipstick

Urban Decay VICE Lipstick, “Heroine,” $17


Blue lipstick is poppin’ off on Pinterest, and predicted to be one of the biggest beauty trends this spring along with the color mauve. Will you look great in it? Probably not. Will you look edgy and way cooler than your high school friends who are still wearing Uggs? Deffo.

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5. Pajamas

Silky leopard moment 🐆 Makeup: @styledbyhrush Hair: @andrewfitzsimons

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If we have to adopt any of these trends, we’re definitely going to go with this one. First off, leopard print is always a yes. Second off, who doesn’t want to wear their pajamas out of the house? Granted, normal people wear period-stained sweatpants and ex-boyfriend’s t-shirts to bed, but this trend is a great excuse to invest in pajamas you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in.

6. Single Shoulder Cutouts


Splendid 1X1 One Shoulder Top, $68


The cold shoulder top is so overdone, so to update it for 2017, designers are just chopping off one of the shoulders entirely. Chill?

7. Sleeve Slits


1. Londunn + Missguided Grey Loopback Popper Sleeve Bodysuit, $64 2. Pink Split Sleeve Wrap Romper, $60

This honestly seems like something you’d tangle yourself in when undressing after a long drunk night, but I guess anything for fashion, right?


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