Celebs Are Trying to Make FUPA Pants Happen

There’s a hot new pants trend being embraced by the models of the world, and let’s just say, it doesn’t even look good on them.

Imagine if you will, that you took a pair of high-waisted pants and merged them with a pair of your baggiest IDGAF pants.

There’s no way to walk away from that situation without looking like you have a FUPA – even if you’re a supermodel.

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We first noticed this trend when Kendall and Kylie released what we described at the time as what happens when “your boyfriend’s oversized sweatpants wanted to get all dressed up to go visit Grandma’s house.”

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But to be honest, we didn’t think much of it at the time.

We thought it was just some weird thing Kendall and Kylie were doing and moved on to worrying about bigger things.

But then today, we saw not one but two more pairs of these FUPA pants floating around in the celebrity world.

First, we saw Kendall wearing a fancy version of these business on the top, Netflix and chill on the bottom pants in Paris.

And then we saw Jourdan Dunn was releasing a casual, no-frills version of the FUPA pant in her debut fashion collection.


For the life of me, I can’t figure out who these pants are supposed to look good on.

Who wants to walk around looking like they have a fat upper pubic area?

Can somebody find a cure for the YOLO bug that’s currently running rampant in the fashion world?

The future of our wardrobes depends on it.

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