Welcome to JT’s World: The City Girl drops her latest single & launches her resource program “No Bars Reform”

To Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop, we’re pleased to share our latest Cover Star. Acts like Lil Kim, Trina, Foxy Brown, Nicki Minaj, and Eve have all paved the way for this Flordia girl to take over the Rap Game. JT was first introduced as 1-half of the rap duo, City Girls, since her arrival she’s skyrocketed to the charts with their debut album “Period” and has since released 3 LPs with top-charting singles breaking the airways. In the midst of a promising career with dozens of features and jaw-dropping visuals, JT was sentenced to a two-year term for fraudulent card charges. While incarcerated, Yung Miami held down the two and continued what they both started all while expecting her daughter. A trying time for anyone, JT remained relentless and kept her head up. Since her release (during the midst of Covid) she made a quiet comeback, stronger than ever and ready to take over the rap game. JT has just released her latest single “No Bars” a Confident, all-purpose track that will have you turnt all the way up, she’s also just launched the No Bars reform website, a resource site for women who have left prison and need a little guidance on next steps. The site offers mental health assistance, housing assistance, and more. On Friday, Kali Uchis is dropping her new track “Munekita” featuring JT and El Alfa El Jefe. Read our full interview below and follow JT here.

Photography: Kombucci, Galore Cover Art: Sebastián Chicchón Motta

Featured Interview:

Can you describe your new single “No Bars”?

I would describe my single No Bars as a cocky, confident, all-purpose song. You can listen to No Bars when you’re turning up or when you’re turning down you can listen to it at the gym you can listen to it when you’re driving. You can listen to it while you’re doing your hair, your makeup, club, anywhere you’re turning up. It’s just a mood. 

You’ve just launched your website, No Bars Reform, can you let our readers know a little more about the site and what your overall goal is? 

Well, No Bars Reform is a resource site for women who just left prison and are a little lost after getting out. It’s just a resource site to get housing, therapy, jobs, and all of the above. Just so many things you can benefit from. It’s just a setup for me to get inside of the community before I start doing my charity. 

How has making music been for you lately, are you in album mode? 

Yes! For sure I am definitely in album mode. City Girls album is coming very soon and making music has been so exciting. I feel so amazing. I’m just the happiest I’ve been creatively. I feel so free with my music. I feel heard and I’m just ready to keep it going

Photography: Kombucci , Galore art direction: Sebastián Chicchón Motta

How has your creative process for making music evolved over the years, have you found what works for you? 

Well, I would say it kind of goes up and down. I remember being early in my career I had more freedom with my music the way I expressed myself was kind of free. But then I got kind of closed off with my music and I feel like I’m back in that mode. Very free. 

We love your style! You deliver look after look, incorporating vintage with new – What are some of your favorite brands right now? 

 I don’t know. I love them all. I just like really good-looking clothes. I won’t say I have a favorite brand right now. I feel like I am the brand a little bit. 

How is your creativity disrupting the culture?

I don’t know. I mean time will tell. I hear it, I see it on my timeline but I don’t know who it’s affecting yet. I guess time will tell. 

Hard work pays off! What was one of the first Designer pieces you’ve ever purchased? 

The first designer piece I did not purchase. I scammed it and it was literally a black Chanel bag. 

The fashion world is truly embracing you and your style. Many people may not know this but you attended college for Fashion Merchandising and Design – Can we expect something in the future for you in the fashion world? 

I literally want to go back to school for that. Like I want to take online classes. I want to get back into fashion and merchandising asap. I was just thinking about how to set up my classes for that and see if I can sign up and see what school I would want to go to but I’m definitely looking to go back into school and finish getting my degree.

Photography: Kombucci, Galore art direction: Sebastián Chicchón Motta

Can you describe yourself in 4 words? 

I always say this. Nothing. She had a ball, she lived it up, she did everything she needed to do. She was that girl. She was free she was happy and she was just doing whatever the fuck JT wanted to do so she don’t need no advice. She was great. 

We love seeing your beauty evolve over the years, what are some of your favorite beauty products at the moment?

Well my favorite beauty product right now is a black lip liner. I love Fentys Mocha mami. I love my morphe pallets, my blush. I looove the concealer pallet from Mac. I love two faces lip plump. I looove my Mac 44 studio powder fix. I can’t go anywhere without it. I love my tartes shape tape concealer. I just love everything in my makeup bag right now.

Do you have a beauty routine?

I don’t remember my beauty routine. It kind of switches up often, especially being on the road a lot. Sometimes you just have to do with what you got. 

Do you have a signature scent? 

Right now it’s Tom Fords black electric cherry 

Can you describe the perfect date night? 

My perfect date night is the movies. I love the movies and I like bowling now too. My boyfriend taught me how to bowl. At first, I didn’t know how to bowl but I do now and really like it

Photography: Kombucci, Galore art direction: Sebastián Chicchón Motta

Can you describe the perfect Girl’s night out? 

A perfect city girls night out is just a night where I look super cute, real bad, and just having a fun, wild , and care free night. I just had a city girls night in London with my girls. 

Can fans expect JT World merch to drop soon? 

TheGirlJTworld actually dropped on July 21st. 

Photography: Kombucci, Galore art direction: Sebastián Chicchón Motta

What advice would you to an aspiring artist?

The advice I would give to aspiring artists would be to just put yourself out there. Upload your music and see if people like it. Put yourself out there and get on tik tok

Do you have a dream collaboration? (music and fashion) 

My dream collab would definitely be with Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé. But my dream dream dream collab would be with Uzi when we find the perfect song for us. And SZA ! So I have 4 dream collaborations right now. 

What’s some advice you could give to an inspiring artist wanting to get into the music industry? 

The advice I would give to aspiring artists would be to just put yourself out there. Upload your music and see if people like it. Put yourself out there and get on tik tok. 

What does self-care look like for you? 

 Self-care to me looks expensive. 

You’ve spoken on therapy, how has that journey been for you so far? 

I honestly haven’t been answering my therapist and I’m like spiraling. I need to get on the phone with her soon. Thanks for reminding me. 

Who is your SHERO?  

My SHERO is Monica. RIP MONICA, I love you. She is my sheroe. 

What’s on your summer playlist right now? 

My summer playlist right now is NO BARS. 

What can fans expect from you this year? 

My fans can expect a lot of collaborations. Especially with my brands. They’re going to be crazy , wild, nothing you’ve seen before. When it comes to collabing it won’t just be with clothes it’s also going to be with music, beauty, fashion, fun fun fun and you’re going to see a lot of smiling from me.


xx, JT

Team Credits:

Talent: JT

Photography: Kombucci

Hair stylist: Tevin Washington (@hairassasin)

Make-up artist: Melissa Hurkman (@Melissa.hurkman)

Editor-in-chief: Prince Chenoa @princechenoastudio

Galore Art Direction: Galore art direction: Sebastián Chicchón Motta

 Cover Art Assist: Carlos Graciano @sadpapi666 

Interviewed by: Perrin Johnson (@Editsbyperry)

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