Watch Melania Literally Slap Away Donald’s Hand

Melania Trump doesn’t always act like she likes her husband in real life, or even online, and every time she does something savage people have a frickin field day over it.

And this weekend when the cameras caught her slapping her husband’s hand when he tried to touch her was no exception.

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While on a very public trip to Tel Aviv, the cameras were obviously rolling as the first fam walked off of Air Force One down a red carpet.

As this short clip begins, Melania can be seen keeping her distance from Donald and co, walking just slightly behind them.

Then, when Donald reaches out his hand back to her, Melania shoos it away like Donald’s a fly that’s about to land on her go-to lunch of plain lettuce with a side of chicken pot pie she can look at, but not touch.

It’s enough to almost make you have respect for the lady, until you remember she was the one who married Donald in the first place and all the sympathy goes out the window.

If she really hates him as much as she so so often makes it seem, then it’s her own fault for staying married to the guy.

She doesn’t deserve our sympathy.


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