Vulnerability and Strength Collide in Sariah’s Latest Single, ‘Compare’

Sariah is an artist who doesn’t need much of an introduction. She might be young but she is already making a huge impact on the music scene. Hailing from a small suburb near New York City, she discovered her passion for music when she was just a child. Drawing inspiration from legends like Beyoncé, Adele, and Whitney Houston, Sariah is determined to keep surprising the whole world with her stylish sound. With the release of her previous single “WYD (What You Doing),” she left everyone wanting more of her remarkable music. Now we can rejoice as she blesses us with “Compare.” 


While her previous releases were nothing short of amazing, her latest offering unveils the true extent of her talent. Sariah’s voice is the true star of the show, drawing us in and beckoning us to join her enchanting realm. Her vocals are mesmerizing, taking the essence of vulnerability and strength simultaneously. With each note, she effortlessly weaves a tale that anyone will be able to immerse in. The addition of R&B elements to “Compare” adds a touch of sophistication to Sariah’s sound. The smooth, soulful rhythm complements the vulnerability revealed in her lyrics. The emotion in her voice is palpable and is the perfect vehicle for her lyrics, creating a powerful and moving track.

When I’m in the studio I feel free. I can take any situation, problem, or emotion and put it into a song. And the beautiful thing is people get to hear it and relate in their own way. When I heard “Compare” I instantly related to the lyrics in the second verse “You take the fun out of love you made me hate it” I sing and I think it’s so true. To me, the beat is almost fun but I’m actually saying a lot of heartfelt things. At the time of recording “Compare” I had just ended a long “relationship” and I put quotes because looking back now I can see it was very one-sided. When someone doesn’t love you back the way you love them you can lose yourself in it. It can be a really hard challenge to get out of that space luckily I have music I can put these emotions in a song and leave them there almost like a diary.” 

– Sariah

It is true that opening up to someone new can be a dangerous choice. She expresses this fear like no one else could. But ultimately she has learned to be content with herself. She is no longer afraid to value what is truly important to her. Sariah is not just another run-of-the-mill pop musician. With every single release, her whole sound, production, and set of skills keep evolving and she shows no signs of stopping. She keeps us at the edge of our seats with the promise of more to come. 

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