Get these vintage Budweiser tees from Pacsun

Once reserved for walks of shame, big t-shirts are actually back and super fashion-forward these days.

Just throw an XL t-shirt (that covers your ass) on with some dope slides or platform sneakers, some hoops, and you’re good to go.

But finding the perfect oversized t-shirt is easier said than done, and we aren’t all blessed with the gift of easily finding awesome vintage band tees in a smelly thrift shop.

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If digging through a warehouse sale isn’t your thing, you’re left with the option of checking Depop or another re-sale app for dope tees – but those shirts end up being super expensive because they’re “vintage” and “rare.” Plus, even if you find a bargain, you never know how they’re going to fit you IRL – and you probs can’t return it.

Well, if you’re still in search of the perf vintage tee to throw over your teeny weeny bikini this summer, you should probs check out T & C Surf’s new Budweiser merch.

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They just launched six new shirts featuring vintage style Budweiser graphics – plus a pair of swim trunks for your man.

The shirts are effortlessly cool and rep a brand that everyone is down with, plus they’re under $30 at Pacsun!

The merch along with the promo pics are giving us major #TBT Pam Anderson vibes. Maybe you can rock a Baywatch swimsuit underneath and crop the tee with a pair of scissors? The opportunities are endless.

Go get your 90s bombshell on ‘lil bb!


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