Where to Get a Baywatch Red Bathing Suit For Under $50

Chances are, you DGAF about the remake of the Baywatch movie. Or if you did give a fuck, you now don’t because the movie was allegedly trash.

But do you know what every girl can get behind? Looking like a modern day Pamela Anderson.

I mean, c’mon, don’t lie to yourself, you’d switch bodies with 90’s Pam in a second. She slayed (and still slays, TBH).

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But while you may not be able to switch bodies with Pam or Kelly Rohrbach, you can rock a Baywatch inspired swimsuit that’s literally spot on.

My personal favorite e-tailer, Yandy, partnered with the new film to design some killer swimsuits – and even if you’re not a Baywatch fan, you’re going to want one.

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Yandy Baywatch Lifeguard Swimsuit, $39

The one piece is practically the new two piece, and this red hot stunner oozes sex appeal while keeping it classy.


Yandy Baywatch Lifeguard Long Sleeve Swimsuit, $49

This is kind of one of those suits that was clearly just designed for Instagram, but you would get some damn good shots. Plus, you could probably wear it with shorts or a skirt to the bar later.

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Yandy Baywatch Lifeguard Bikini Top, $24

If you’re still not ready to say goodbye to the two-piece, try this lifeguard-inspired bikini on for size.

Even if red’s not your color, time is ticking for you to hop on the new crazy swim trends. Get on that!

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