Vic Mensa releases “Victor”, talks new music & more!

Vic Mensa has just dropped the song of the summer with a little help from Ty Dolla $ign. Vic teamed with fellow Grammy-nominated rapper, singer, and producer Ty Dolla $ign for the house-influenced anthem, tapping into his long-running love affair with the genre that began with his evergreen fan favorite 2014 single “Down On My Luck”. Speaking of the innate chemistry of collaboration, Vic states, “Ty is one of my favorite musicians and people to collaborate with. I pulled up to his studio to give him some of my weed brand 93BOYZ and he was working on a bunch of House music. I’ve been wanting to return to House ever since I made ‘Down On My Luck’ so it just made a lot of sense. Ty had played the guitar line already and it was giving me a surf-rock vibe so I started going in a California direction with the lyrics then I programmed some House drums and samples. We were just smoking and vibing and Eastside Girl is what came out.” Stream/Download “Eastside Girl” HERE and watch the music video HERE.

Fashion and Music go hand-in-hand with Vic, he’s always showcased personal style and has created a lane for himself as a style icon in the men’s fashion world. Usually spotted in cool shades (almost always), a sometimes oversized coat (Leather? most likely), and the flyest jeans of the season – Vic is on fire and shows no signs of slowing down.

Mensa has just released his latest album on the Roc Nation Label. With the majority of production coming from Grammy award-winning Nigerian producer Bongo ByTheWay Mensa also acts as co-producer. “I wouldn’t say that it’s an expressly political album,” Mensa said. “It’s very personal, but in that way, the personal is always inevitably political. It’s far more internally-faced than being so full of broad sweeping social commentary.” The album deals with themes of redemption, personal growth, and homecoming, with the latter signifying Mensa’s move from Los Angeles back to Chicago. The new album in all its sonic and lyrical wonder, promises to be both the voice of a burgeoning new critical American consciousness and the beacon of hope for those that hold fast to its ideal and potential.

Photographed Juan Veloz @jveloz

Featured Interview:

Can you tell us about your new single “Eastside Girl”?

Eastside Girl is a collaboration between myself and Ty Dolla, I call it surf-rock house music.

How did the visuals come about?

Honestly, the video was inspired by a game of pool we played in Ty studio – that led me to go watch the Tom Cruise movie The Color of Money and reference that.

Black tank and Khaki Pants: The Kooples, Tie: Aslan, Jewelry: David Yurman and Aslan
Sunglasses: Gentle Monster

What can fans expect from your second album? 

This album is really a story of redemption. A lot of strong lyrics and themes, and dope production. I’m excited for the world to hear it.

2023 marks 10 years in the Rap game, Congrats on that! How has your journey been and what have been some of your major milestones? 

The journey has been a blessing honestly. I credit my biggest milestone being outside of music honestly, in helping my friend Moosa come home from prison 12 years early.

Sweater Vest: Marni, Jeans: Marni,Shoes: GCDS, Jewelry: David Yurman and Aslan

How is your creativity disrupting the culture of music? 

 I’m by nature extremely disruptive. I’m a truth teller; sometimes that can be very controversial in a culture of so much smoke and mirrors.

You’re really into wellness & fitness, how important has that journey been for you? 

That’s super important for me. I would say meditation is my main medication these days, and working out.

Tank top: stylist’s own,pants: Diesel,Jewelry: Aslan and David Yurman
Glove: Aslan Sunglasses: Gentle Monster

How do you practice self-care? 

Hit the gym at 6 AM – boxing running, lifting, whatever. Just do it. Then I like to write when I finish, that’s very therapeutic for me. Then I’ll meditate.

Your skin always glows! What are some skincare/grooming products that you swear by? 

 I don’t have any, but I guess drinking a gallon of water.

Your fashion game is fire! What are some brands you love at the moment? 

 I appreciate that! Right now I’m fucking with Y Project and a label called No Faith Studios.

Do you have a signature scent? 

Tom Ford Noir.

What is a piece of advice you could give to an aspiring artist wanting to get into the entertainment business? 

Be as authentically yourself as possible.

We spotted you all over NYFW, are you excited for September’s fashion shows? 

Yeah, honestly I’m just waiting for the schedule.

Can fans expect to see you Live soon? 

I’ll be doing some shows to support the album ASAP.

Can you tell us more about your weed brand 93BOYZ?

 Hell yeah, we launched last year as the first black-owned legal cannabis brand in Illinois.

Jumpsuit: ‘The Incorporated’ by Mark McGinnis
Jewelry: David Yurman

What does the word rebel mean to you?

To be a rebel is to go against the beaten path, to be an original

At what point did you realize the impact of your social media presence?

Shit, I guess when things got crazy.

How do you think the creator space has changed the beauty landscape?

I think modern internet culture has further positioned an already fucked up precedent of beauty standards in our society.

What is your philosophy on beauty standards for men?

I think as men we’re fortunate to not exist with as much pressure to look a certain way or live up to unrealistic beauty standards as women.

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Photographer: Juan Veloz @jveloz
Wardrobe Stylist: Manny Jay @mannyjay

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