My Valentine’s Day Date With Ben Barnes

Valentine’s Day: A lot of hype.. for a night where things never go as planned. Therefore, we’ve decided to take things a different route this year: imagining our dream dates with the hunks that we all wish were our valentine’s. Hey, no shame in fantasizing…guys do it all the time! 

Say hello to Ben Barnes.


You may recognize Ben from his role in the Chronicles of Narnia series (which he was actually a fan of as a kid), or his most recent role in Seventh Son that comes out tomorrow. As if he wasn’t swoon worthy enough, Ben is from London which means he has a sexy-ass accent on top of his already swoon-worthy hotness. So, off to London you go, girl!

Barnes’ favorite food is Indian, so he’s going to take you out for Indian food. Don’t like spicy food? Suck it up bitch, or the next girl is going to snatch up Ben! You’ve barely even gotten to the naan bread when you’re already mesmerized by Ben’s accent…hardly even noticing what he’s actually saying. “Oh, you thought it was fun playing Sam Adams on Sons of Liberty? Cool… I like his beer?”


After you realize Indian food is actually pretty good, the conversation flows a little bit easier. You can’t help yourself from asking him what it was like working with Julianne Moore , and telling him that you think he looks way sexier with a beard, even if he has to shave it for lots of his roles.

So… back to his “flat” now isn’t it? Oh Ben, you’ve showed us Indian food AND London culture all in one date.. can you show us something else now (if you know what we mean)?


He tells you to get comfortable on the couch while he puts on an episode of “The Voice,” which he admits is his secret guilty pleasure (you guys have so much in common already!). He brings over gin and tonics for the both of you and you’re happy that finally a guy is bringing you a drink you’re familiar with.

However, you don’t really plan on finishing it before you get a taste of Ben yourself, do you? Oh shit, you’re pretty sure his london-laced dirty talk is going to have you melting on the spot…not that that’s a bad thing..

Make sure to have some fun running your fingers through all that hair girl 😉


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