Valentina Makes Being A Pop Star Look Effortless In New Vid, ‘Easy For U’

Valentina’s new music video for her single “Easy For U” video shows two beautiful people — the guy is her close friend, Jacob Bix — in the clutches of love, and evokes the feeling of helplessness that girls like us so often experience in romantic relationships. And that’s exactly the way she wants it.

The young musician had already established herself as a photographer and a model with a substantial social media following, and is now steadily building a name for herself as a singer in her own right.

“I don’t depend on other people for anything, especially until I know they’re truly good people,” she said. “And I’m not going to sign to anybody until I have my sound established. I love creating, and showing people what I love. That’s really important to me. 

Being from Los Angeles, and growing up around the music industry also helped her cultivate a thick skin. 

“LA is definitely a place where artists can thrive, but also get burnt out so quickly,” she told me, when I asked about the influence that her hometown has had on her. “I’ve learned to be a bit smarter about what I’m going to do.”

And whether that’s fashion — “I styled my video, and I’m influenced by clean aesthetics, angles, and the composition of designers like Prada and Celine,” — modeling, or music, Valentina’s ready to take her work to the next level.

“Who’s your dream duet with?” I asked.

“Diplo,” she giggled. “For sure.”

See her new video, “Easy For U,” below, and follow her on Instagram. Then you can say you found Valentina before Diplo did.

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