How To Get The Perfect NYE Makeup Look With Urban Decay

Sure, 2016 was shitty, so maybe you’re extra hyped for the new year.

But let’s be real, 2017 might be just as shitty, so the least you could do is look fly af on NYE. But instead of spending way too much money on a tacky sequined dress you’ll never wear again, put your glitz somewhere that you can wipe off at the end of the night: your face.

We got Olivia Gold and Val Mercado to create some lit NYE lewks and give a little how-to, check it out below.

Val Mercado:



“To achieve this NYE look, play up the eyes with Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadows while keeping the crease subtly smoky with a warm brown shade,” says Val.

“Apply black liner and add some glamour with lashes,” she adds. “Keep the skin fresh and dewy looking and then finish it off with a shiny gloss, for this look I used Apocalypse. Nothing says Hollywood glamour like this look!”

What Val used for this look:

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Olivia Gold:

“To achieve my perfect smokey eye, I always start off with a warm tone shade for my transition,” preaches Olivia.

“I used the shade ‘Vape‘ on my lid. A quick trick to really bring out the color is damp a flat top eyeshadow brush with water, then apply the product,” she says.

“This technique gives a wet metallic look and I love it. To finish off my smokey eye, I love a natural pair of false lashes and a winged liner,” says Olivia.

What Olivia used for this look:

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