Up Next: Elena Matei Discusses The Symphony Of Fashion And Music 

Elena Matei is quickly proving to be one to watch as her much anticipated album debuts this Spring. The Moldovan model who is signed to Elite New York has worked with industry icons such as Tommy Hilfiger and Russell James now has her eyes set on releasing her debut album this year. We sat down with the budding fashionista to discuss her inspirations and how life has become a symphony where fashion and music collide. 


How did you get your start in modeling?  

I was discovered in Bucharest by an  agent. I never thought about modeling as a career and I believe now is one of the best experiences of my life. I travel to many countries working with the best teams. In the United States I was discovered while walking on 5th Avenue on my first day arriving and an agent from Elite New York City stopped me and sent me right away to the Elite office. 

You’re from Moldova- how was life growing up there? 

I had an interesting childhood full of adventures. I grew up completely like a tomboy. Life was beautiful and at the same time hard. I miss all the holidays with my grandparents. 

As a model, you’ve worked with legendary Victoria Secret photographer Russell James on several campaigns. How was your experience? 

Russell is an amazing talented photographer and a great human being. When I shoot with him it was so easy and fun and he has this talent to bring the best emotions out of talent. He is a raw spirit! I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with him.

Leotard: Body Murmur
Top & Blazer: Pinko
Earings: Elisabetta Franchi via Lala Boutique
Sunglasses: Saint Laurent via 051 Store

What’s your most memorable moment as a model?

I would say each time flying to different countries and shooting new campaigns or editorials and meeting incredible people. Walking the Tommy Hilfiger show was one great experience and another one would be the ANGELS book for (Victoria Secret) by Russell James. Also, shooting the cover of magazines makes me excited!!! 

What’s your zodiac sign?

I’m a Leo :))

Describe yourself using 4 words. 

Driven, consistent, honest, kind.

We hear you have a debut EP coming out when can we expect the release?

Very soon! We are almost ready!!!

When did you begin to have an interest in music? How has the transition from modeling to singing been?

Well actually, I’m a singer first and foremost. Growing up, I went to different contests and studied music in school. I never aspired to model or to do anything with fashion. So when I started modeling it began to take all of my time and during the pandemic I realized that I have to do what I love and in what I believe with all my soul. Now finally, my dream is becoming true to release an album with my amazing team! 

Dress: Alexander McQueen from Lala Boutique
Hat: Kristina Dragomir
Necklace: Max Mara Weekend

Describe the genre of your upcoming EP. What can your fans expect?

We’re creating soul music and also uplifting rock ballads. The album is full of surprises and mixed genres. 

As an artist, who are some of your favorite singers that have inspired you?

I would say I’m passionate about old music. I feel I’m an old soul at times. Some of my favorite singers who have inspired me are Christina Aguilera, Luciano Pavarotti, Aretha Franklin, Freddy Mercury, Lara Fabian, James Brown and more.


Talent: Elena Matei

PhotographerStefan Dani

Stylist: Irina Hartia

Hair: Adelina Wagenpfiel

Makeup: Adina Vlad

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