Try These Beauty Oils if Beauty Oils Terrify You

Oily skin is the most annoying skin type to have, I don’t care what anyone else says.

Oily girls like myself are more acne-prone, tend to have larger pores, and look as shiny as a highlighter junkie in all the wrong places.

The only silver lining is that we allegedly develop fewer wrinkles as we age. But in the here and now, our skin’s a pain in the ass.

And besides highlighting, another recent skincare craze that might terrify you if you’re oily is the use of beauty oils.

Every gorgeous-skinned girl I know is swearing by face oils at this point. And when I ask them what their secret is, they all gush, “I literally don’t use anything besides oil on my face.” It sounds fake and wrong and like something an oily person like myself cannot do.

Like, why would someone put more oil on their face on purpose? Wouldn’t that just make you look like a slithery, shiny, dampened mess?

These are the concerns I brought to Caudalie’s PR during an email convo. But they told me that two special Caudalie products could actually be the perfect way to sneak oil into my regimen despite my intense fear of putting oil on my face.

Because according to oil proponents, the whole reason you use beauty oil is, paradoxically, to cut down on oil production. The more oil you put on your face, the less oil your face will produce. It literally makes no sense, but as I learned when I endured a painful and bloody vampire facial last month, I will try anything when it comes to my skin. So I decided to give two Caudalie oil products a shot.

The first one is a makeup-removing cleansing oil, which is probably the best way to slowly incorporate oil into your regimen. For one thing, it’s relatively inexpensive at $28 (good skin products cost a lot, sorry). And everyone who wears makeup needs a makeup-remover, so why not give it a shot? Even if you’re scared of oils, this is something you’ll be rinsing off right away so it’s a perfect starter oil.

I had been using makeup-removing sheets of various brands, and finding that they basically did jack shit. This oil-based cleanser, though, works almost too well — it smudges your make up alllll tf over your face before you rinse it off. But then once you rinse, and use your regular cleanser afterward, your face is squeaky clean. Add an exfoliating scrub and the results are soooo soft.

The second product Caudalie sent over was Premier Cru elixir, which has the single bougiest ingredient list of anything I’ve ever tried. It even contains reseveratrol, the magical ingredient in red wine that makes it anti-aging and slimming according to all those studies. The elixir also has sandalwood kernel oil, jojoba oil, organic prickly pear oil, coriander oil, grapeseed oil — the works, tbh.

You apply it as a serum before your moisturizer at night and in the morning. I’ve just been doing it at night because I’m still too paranoid to put extra oil on my face during the day when I have to go out in public. But even that once-a-day regimen has done wonders for my skin. It’s been about two weeks and I see a major difference — my skin is softer and, unbelievably, my pores appear smaller. Plus this product smells freaking amazing.

After about two weeks of adding these two oil-based products to my daily regimen, I not only believe the hype when it comes to oils, but I’m convinced they can work for oily skin types too. My skin is looking less oily than it has since before I entered my acne-prone teen years! I can’t recommend these Caudalie products enough. Whether you’re curious about oils or not, they’ll probably improve your skin.

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