Trump’s Scrubbing the White House Website of LGBT Content

Donald Trump’s presidency is only a few hours old and his administration is already committing LGBT erasure.

Within hours after his inauguration, our new president’s administration deleted several pages from the official White House website.

So what, it’s just a few pages? Why does that matter?

It matters because before today, the official website had several webpages listing the accomplishments made in certain areas and issues for minorities by the government. The pages also listed rights and laws that have been created to protect these issues.

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The pages Trump deleted had to do with several issues that come under fire during Republican administrations: climate change, LGBT rights and civil rights.

The White House website is known for being a resource for fact-based information, and now when you try to search “LGBT” on the site, literally nothing comes up.

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There’s also no more mention of climate change or the EPA, even though that information is factual as well.

So why would Trump scrub these facts from the White House website’s pages? Probably so that the truth becomes harder to track down as his administration and the dominantly Republican congress roll away the legislation protecting LGBT people and the environment.

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But is this really surprising? Considering that Trump has made it pretty clear that he has no interest in protecting and advancing the rights of minorities or protecting minorities, this doesn’t really feel like a shock.

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