These trends will be everywhere at NYFW

Hi. You’re reading this, so you know that fashion week has been making the rounds (we’re currently in Copenhagen) and that it’s coming to New York in a week!

Also if you didn’t know that it’s totally fine, that was really extra. Regardless, you should know what people will be wearing this fashion week because it tends to set the tone for the rest of the season. Hence, this is really just a good way to get a head start on deciding which trends to give in to for the next few months (and planning your shopping trips accordingly).

Now, when we say “people” what we’re really referring to is you and I and That Really Cool Kid From The New School that you always run into at parties, not Linda Fargo. With all due respect, it’s become quite clear that street style is a lot more relevant than what editors wear, especially with regard to informing future trends.

Now some of these trends you probably saw coming, others maybe not as much. Without further adieu, let’s get into it:

Dad sneakers


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This is a pretty divisive trend, and something people feel surprisingly strongly about (lol— myself included). I’m on the pro side, and I f*cking love me a good ugly sneaker.

Raf Simons, Vetements and Balenciaga are all genius for creating thousand-dollar shoes based on Skechers and old New Balances that people actually want to buy and perceive as cool. If that isn’t great branding, tell me, what is?

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s actually really cool to dress intentionally badly now. I’m not mad about it. Some people are. Either way, this is probably the biggest trend you’ll see whilst making the fashion week rounds.

You can wear chunky sneakers with everything, but they tend to look coolest when worn with something a bit tailored and elevated, like some cool structured trousers and a blazer. You also don’t have to drop thousands for them; literally go straight to the source and seek out some old Skechers or NBs on eBay for like $20.


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We’ve finally figured out how to make the blazer cool. And now that we have, blazers are a humongous trend this year that I don’t see going away anytime soon.

They can either fall flat and be accidentally business casual or be reaaally cool and effective. My advice to you is to accomplish the latter by opting for one with a clean, cool pattern or an interesting silhouette (oversized is always a safe bet) and styling the rest of the outfit casually, like over a hoodie and jeans, in a way such that you could wear it both to a show and an after party and be chill.


Socks are a thing now too, sorry

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I know… it’s only been since eighth grade! My eighth grade self is literally feeling so high and mighty and self-righteous right now.

Remember those obnoxious sock shops that would pop up every now and again and exclusively sell socks? More importantly, remember That One Girl in the grade that always wore different socks everyday with her converse and seemingly had life figured out?

I hate to say it, but turns out she was right. Ever since Balenciaga and Vetements released their logo socks respectively, people have cared about socks. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but when these two brands do things… people listen.

Denim, reinvented

It hasn’t been raining, my head has just been a little cloudy

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From intentionally unintentional awkward cropped jeans to asymmetrical hems, 2018 is all about Making Denim Cool Again. Because of our universal return to the classics like Levi’s, Wrangler, Dickies and the like, fashion people are always looking for the next cool way to differentiate their pair from the next.

Teddy Bear Coats

These things are cool again, see:


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This is a pretty great example of how to wear a teddy bear coat if you’re trying not to be too extra. The key this season is this innovative silhouette: cropped, so that it hits the waist and isn’t overbearing. She killed it with this coat trouser (sneaker) combo. Which leads me to my next point…

Baggy Pants


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bubble tea boiz

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Okay, when I say baggy I don’t really mean baggy at all. Don’t think Missy Elliot music video baggy. I mean like slightly oversized, but lowkey tailored pants of some kind. I’m really into the fact that the super skinny pant isn’t as relevant anymore, and now shape and silhouette are becoming a thing.

Pant Chains

Tell me about it.. 08.29

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Pant chains are coolest jewelry accessory of 2018 thus far, mostly because of how unnecessary they are. They do make any outfit significantly cooler, though. See exhibit A above.


Still adjusting

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I’m wilding. But yes, monogram logos are definitely a thing this season. But almost in an… ironic way. In a way that’s so over-the-top 2000s that you can’t really be mad. Dior’s caught onto this and come out with some sick patterns for their bags and pants, others prefer a vintage Fendi monogrammed pant. Regardless, maybe limit it to one piece per outfit so things don’t go awry (then again, more is more during fashion week…).


Fanny Packs and Cross Body Bags


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Okay… I know we’re all sick and tired of this one (in other words, I’m sick and tired and I’m projecting) because it’s been super done, but mark my words. The fanny packs will be out in mass quantities this FW. Not only are they a cooler alternative to handbags, but ever since the Supreme Louis Vuitton collection they’ve gained another wave of relevance. The short-strapped cross body bag is a similar-but-different alternative to a regular handbag, expect to see those too.


Yes, believe it or not, this season we’re wearing more than just beige and black, which I feel like used to happen overwhelmingly at NYFW in past years. There was a time wherein it was quietly held that the less color you wore the cooler you were. But now, people love themselves again and people don’t seem to give a shit about wearing all black or monochrome. No color is off limits!

Now, my challenge to you: incorporate all of these trends in one outfit (just kidding, actually I might not be). But over the course of the month, I guarantee you’ll be spotting these trends everywhere. And though there’s nowhere to really run and hide, now you’re fully quipped for what’s to come.

If That One Really Cool Kid From the New School that I see at every party is reading this… happy fashion week. See you around.


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