Forever 21’s newest collab is giving us major Fenty x Puma vibes

If we played a quick round of word association and I gave you the phrase “Forever 21,” it’s highly unlikely that “Honda” would be the first, fourth, or even like seventy-fifth word that came to mind.

That being said, the two have more in common than you may think.

There’s no doubting the power of a killer brand collab in 2018. Forever 21 is no stranger to capsule collections, and has paired with Honda this season to bring us a sporty, retro, vintage-inspired racing collection that you can wear in an everyday kind of way.

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Forever 21 makes its name as a contemporary clothing brand that gets it. It’s fast pulse and trendy yet not-too-trendy clothing makes it highly representative of today’s shopper. Its affordability doesn’t hurt either. Thus, when you think of Forever 21, you think modern.

But when you think of Honda, you think heritage (and we’re back to word association). Honda is a company that’s been around since the seventies, and has a strong history associated with it.

That being said, the new and the old are more or less synonymous in today’s fashion industry. Taking a note from the past year, heritage is what inspires contemporary fashion. Current styles pay homage to classic styles of the past, and what’s old is now new again. This collection features tube tops reminiscent of 2000s Britney and Destiny’s Child, suspiciously cool oversized relaxed tees just like your dad once wore, silky bomber jackets as seen in all your fave 80s music videos: all with Forever 21’s relevant touch.

A chill color palette of red, white and blue complements the bold racing prints. Not only does this add to the retro Americana vibe, but it also makes the clothing super wearable. The relaxed silhouettes and raw hems give this collection the same effortlessly cool think-I-give-a-damn-boy-don’t-you-know-who-I-am vibes that Rih Rih promotes in her own Fenty line. And in the range of things like fitted cropped tops, relaxed tees and pullover hoodies, there really is something for everyone.

This collection goes beyond trendiness and captures something a lot more nuanced: nostalgia. Forever 21 and Honda make an unexpectedly dynamic duo, and the result is pretty badass.

Shop the whole collection here.

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