These trends NEED to die in 2018

They say that history repeats itself, and that’s especially true when it comes to fashion trends. However, there were some things in 2017 that we should just bury forever, and trends that we should have killed off years ago.

Here’s a list of trends we’re dying to vote off the island in 2018.


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1. Thigh high boots

casual boots for da bbq

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We LOVED these when they first emerged around early 2016, but now they need to go. Instead, we should bring back the knee-high boot in sleek, non-mom-ish silhouettes.

2. The Dramatic Slit

This is the celebration of a genius ❤️❤️❤️.

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There was a time where the dramatic slit was the definition of sexy. But now, it’s been overdone and it’s time to move on.

3. Crazy Jeans

Custom jeans by @bowsdontcry via @asosmarketplace

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Denim is entering its awkward period. We all know that skinny jeans aren’t in anymore, but where do we go next? Boot cut and low-rise jeans are emerging from the dead, but some are taking denim to a level of extra that we just don’t want to see. Let’s get rid of the insane frayed hems and horrifically unflattering cuts this year.

4. Millennial Pink

Aw look how cute I looked moments before eating my teeth on the ice ⛸ #instaskate

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Pantone’s color of 2018 is ultraviolet. So that’s the cue to kiss this overused shade goodbye.

5. Monochrome

GIA | @sydneylcarlson in the capella jacket | online now | #IAMGIA

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Power-clashing colors will be the new thing in 2018, so gone are the days of all (insert color of choice here) everything.

6. Ruffle Tops

GIA | @red_shiraz wears the Lewis crop and Xtina pant available now. #IAMGIA

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Ruffle tops are a hideous lovechild of boho chic and 80s maximalism. They don’t say anything about you or your style besides “I went shopping at a store in America in the past nine months.” In 2018, let’s kick them to the curb.

7. Cold Shoulder Tops

GIA | @amalie_gassmann in the cobain pants in pink | online now | #IAMGIA

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This trend only got big because it was so easy for cheap stores to mimic. Whether you love it or hate it, with winter approaching, it’s time to cover up both shoulders.

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