Trasladando culturas y el activismo a través de la musica de Audry Funk

Audry Funk is a Mexican singer and MC residing in Bronx NY with an international presence in the industry of independent music & activism with over 15 years of experience. This artist has a long history in which her original style & powerful message has led her to perform on stages, all over the world: U.S.A., México, Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Argentina, The Dominican Republic, Chile, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Austria. I reached out to Audry during the summer and was surprised to have been welcomed into her musical life and network in Paris, France. The following is a virtually conducted interview of the artists passions, influences and intents.

Galore:  In what ways do you aim to represent the diversity of Latinx, specifically Mexican, culture?

Audry: In Mexico not everything is the stereotypical mariachi, we have many colors, forms and cultures, we have a bunch of diversity not only the way of look also in our way to express our concerns. The New Mexican wave of musicians are transforming sound into many things, one of my favorites of course is rap music, because it mixes with the sound of Mexico and create a new version with rap, that is the case with reggae, punk, jazz and so on. 

I think I represent  diversity just by acknowledging my heritage as an indigenous, black, Arab. Therefore my existence is a constant reminder that colonization happened and now we have to learn how to claim our history and our identity, trying to fit or not in the new ways but with our touch. We should learn from our people and teach the youngest to love and understand our differences to create a new diaspora with love, strength to prioritize our healing. Music is my healing that’s why I’m doing this. 

Galore: How are you different from other contemporary Mexican artists? 

Audry: I’m not trying to be different. I just try to talk about what as mpacts me directly as a Mexican woman of color. I aim to expose all the violence that we have been suffering throughout the centuries, raising our voices is an other way to demand reparation. Plus I believe if you can not dance the revolution, then is incomplete.

Galore: In what ways is music a means for practicing your spirituality?

Audry: Music is the language that I use to communicate with my ancestros, is the way to present my soul to the world, I can’t imagine the music without the healing property, even if that music is not to deep in what is saying, maybe the rhythm can help you to move your body and then gives your soul what it needs. 

Spirituality is music and music is spirituality theres always a correlation that complements each other. 

Galore: How did the quarantine period impact you as an artist?

Audry: In my case it is weird, because in one hand I stopped my constant tour life, and the movement of my body and I settled in NYC to put things together, on the other hand the internet allows me to have remote work, I been giving a lot of concerts, workshops, conferences, interviews, around the world from my comfy place, which is very convenient for me. 

I have a new podcast on a big platform from Mexico named Convoy network where I play only music made by women in all genres, “La calle suena a ellas” is the name of the show. 

Also I have the opportunity to be the content editor of a magazine that focuses in Mexican immigration in NYC, specifically from  the state of Puebla, the magazine name is PUEBLAYORK. 

So I been very busy exploring new ventures for my career. 

Galore: What motivated you to create a voice and sound that today is known in the Latinx community? What do you aim to represent to others in and outside of your community?

Audry: My motivation is always the wellness of my people, and the emancipation of all the women in the world, we need to empower the half of the population in this earth to understand that we don’t have to be what the patriarchy wants for us, we need to claim our voice back, we have to fight for the dignity that we deserve.

I want to represent all the free women, those who fight for being authentic and invite others who are afraid to break the chains and follow us in to the path of emancipation. 

Galore: In what ways does your music serve as activism? What messages are you trying to evoke?

Audry: My music is a way of activism because its simple and easy to understand the message, I don’t have to be academic to give some revolutionary or feminist thoughts. My music is my experience and my experience in this world is not privilege. There are a lot of levels to share with all the women, while we speak about our experiences we know they are not particulars, we share realities because we share oppression and in that  way I give to all my sisters my point of view about reality. 

My message is unity, respect, feminism, politics and emancipation. 

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