TiLLie sings about true colors and karma and we’re here for it

You might be sad still that the Spice Girls aren’t getting back together but if you need a little bit of that life for your current mood, singer tiLLie is probably the best substitute. If there were a sixth member of the Spice Girls, it would have been tiLLie — with her sparkly shell and obvious membership of the Glitter Gang you wish you were a part of.

Her newest single “Faith” sounds like the dream pop baby of George Michael and Cyndi Lauper — and lucky for us, there’s a video too!

Complete with a “Closer” Natalie Portman-esque pink wig — tiLLie sings to us from a room that feels like “Saved by the Bell” had a dance party inside every teenage girls’ dream bedroom. She says the tune is about “not giving up the plight for justice, remaining confident in the fact that shitty people will eventually show their true colors and bring upon themselves the karma they deserve,” and she does this all whilst dancing in some silky PJ’s.

We’re also not mad at the super 8 film vibes and coloring book aesthetics either! tiLLie explains that she got the idea for the video on a night she was under the influence of psychedelics….she says, “I had just gotten home and was listening to the demo as I was washing my face and suddenly I just felt like I was a teenager in my bedroom again listening to a song — I started jumping on my bed and just had this cathartic dance party. The video basically became a recreation of that with the help of the ever-so-talented Erik Rojas. It represents what I hoped this song would feel like to whoever hears it and is going through the emotional rollercoaster of a bad break up or healing from abuse. There’s no endorphin boost quite like carefree dancing through all your feelings. I’ve done it since I was a kid and will do it till the day I can’t dance no more. It gives me a release like no other…”

Check the radical video out, Directed by Erik Rojas, here:

Photography by Marc Gabor

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