Your Favorite Thong May Be Bad For Your Health

When it comes to choosing our underwear in the morning, we’re left with a pretty simple choice: do we want to wear something sexy that won’t give us VPL butt or do we want the comfort of a full coverage fit?

If more often than not you find yourself opting for the type of undies Sisqo famously memorialized in a song, then we have some bad news for you: it turns out thongs can be kind of bad for your health.


Unfortunately, according to Dr. Sarah Yamaguchi, the problem is pretty unavoidable.

“Little thongs,” the Dr. explained to Vogue, “rub against the skin and cause irritation that can set you up for infections.”

Particularly the sexy lacy kinds, because they’re probably made of non-breathable materials — basically anything but cotton. But wait, why does that even matter?

According to Dr. Jill M. Rabin, it’s because those materials allow “more moisture to be trapped and more possible imbalance leading to infections.”

And as every woman knows, vaginal infections are nothing to laugh about. Here’s the horror story Dr. Jill explained to The Huffington Post.

“If you have a little bacteria — E. coli is the most common bacteria in the colon — in the back part of the fabric and you’re physically active, that material may move. All it has to do is move an inch or two and it’s next to your vagina or urethra,” she said.


The solution? According to both doctors, it’s for women to wear all-cotton underwear, because cotton actually breaths.

But there is a bright side:

“If somebody’s healthy, there aren’t really any dangers,” Dr. Rabin explains. “The issue is if you have a predisposition to getting infections, either urinary or vagina, it may be harder to get rid of it if you’re wearing a thong.”

So yeah, feel free to keep wearing your thongs, but do so at your own risk.


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