This Swedish Slang Word Is Way More Useful Than “Bae”

In the past ten years we’ve come up with a ton of words and phrases — bae, boo, etc. — to describe our very casual dating habits. After all, “lover,” sounds like something out of a romance novel, and “boyfriend/girlfriend” isn’t okay to say until you define the relationship.

But the Swedish language has a relationship-word to describe something that we don’t. The word is “sambo,” and it describes someone you are living with and in a very serious relationship with, but are not yet (or ever will be) married to, according to NY Mag.

You’d think that in America we’d have a word for this. After all, more and more people are shunning the idea of a “traditional” relationship and getting married later in life or not at all. Instead, we’re living with our partners without getting the government involved, yay us!

75 percent of women have done the unmarried-cohabitation thing at least once before they turned 30, according to a 2013 study, and we’re sure the number is only going up.

So in the mean time, we’re all baes, boo thangs, slam pieces, and that chick he’s got a “thing” with. But later down the road, when you’ve been living with your partner for six years, don’t you feel like the word “boyfriend” is a little elementary? I mean, seriously, you also called a guy you passed notes with in the second grade but never actually spoke to IRL your “boyfriend.”

In fact, one of the reasons some of us feel pressured to get married is simply to stop calling the guy we’ve been dating for ten years our “boyfriend” when really he’s so much more than that.

To whoever’s out there popularizing useless slang words like “thot” and “ratchet,” can you maybe add this whole thang to your to-do list? Thanks.

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