I Went to a Salon Specifically for Curly Hair & It Was Lit

If you have curly hair, you are probably very, very selective with who you let cut it, style it, or touch it at all.

As someone who has always had curly hair, I’ve gotten my hair cut and loved it, only to realize how horrifically short my hair was once I washed it and it wasn’t perfectly blown out from the salon. I’ve told stylists to give me “beach waves” and ended up looking like Goldilocks minus the three bears. For these reasons and plenty of others, I’ve stuck to my mom cutting my hair for the past few years, and if I’m lucky enough to get my hair styled, I simply ask them to straighten it.

In fact, I can honestly say I’ve never gotten my hair styled naturally and actually liked how it looked – until last week.

Last week I paid a visit to the Devachan salon in Soho, not knowing exactly what to expect. Devachan is owned by Devacurl, a company dedicated to helping girls with curls embrace their hair by using the right products and stylists.

Arguably, any salon for black women with natural hair is for curly hair, but my hair is somewhere in between. It isn’t coarse or thick — it’s thin and easy to manipulate, and yet, still curly. Judging by Devachan’s clientele on that busy Friday evening, they could handle anybody who didn’t classify their hair as straight. There were even a good amount of dudes getting their hair cut.

I had booked Devachan’s “Heaven In Hair Deep Conditioning Treatment,” because I was too scared to try anything too adventurous. Besides, my hair could always use some moisture.

When I was welcomed to the salon I was given a silky robe and then brought back to the washing station by a guy named Brian who I Immediately wanted to be BFFs with, I initially felt like this salon was way too fancy for me. But when Brian started washing my hair and explaining what products he was using, I realized he had the same concerns about my hair that I did.

He talked about why you need to use sulfate-free shampoo, recommending their no-poo, specifically for curls. He also talked about why you need to avoid heat products or use a protectant if you do, and why you also might want to avoid using products that contain parabens. I was a psycho about what I put into my horribly thin, dry, curly hair, and I finally felt like someone understood my struggles. I nodded as eagerly as possible in agreement from the salon chair.

When I got moved into a salon chair and surrounded by a bunch of heat-producing shiny contraptions, I figured I was all done and my hair was going to dry pretty normally and look the same it always does, which could be good or bad, depending on my hair’s mood.

But I was wrong. Instead, I got taken back to the washing station and got an amazing scalp massage with some other products, then was brought to a new chair where Brian clipped up sections of my hair up top and left me in between two salon style hair dryers (you know, the big round ones).

When he came to take out my hair, I legit felt like I was wearing a wig — in a good way. My hair looked long and voluminous af. Whereas my curls typically weigh my hair down, my hair legit looked bouncy while still maintaining the curls and the length. I was amazed.

Unfortunately, the bounciness went away once I washed my hair a few days later, but I am definitely going to attempt to mimic a similar treatment at home, because I need that volume again. Next time I do need my hair cut, I’m definitely popping into Devachan, because one-size does not fit all when it comes to different hair types.

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