The Curly Girl’s Guide To Going Natural

As a fellow curly girl, I know the struggle of trying to tame that mane. I’ve done it all! The frying, dying, and even shaving! Yes, I regret all of it, but it was a learning experience. And through these dark stages, I’ve developed methods of recovery.

Lately, the natural look has been in full effect on Instagram. But desired curls aren’t achieved overnight. If you plan on transitioning from heat damaged curls to bouncy ringlets, there’s going to be a few obstacles you’ll wanna brace yourself for. They’re not impossible, but they’re def not avoidable (ugh).

All curly hair types are different and not all react the same. However, one thing curly hair types all have in common are the results after a big chop/trim. Dun, dun, dun!

Yup, a big chop!

In order to start the “going natural” process, that’s the first step. This is a must for girls who have stringy ends. In order to grow healthy curls, you’ll have to say goodbye to those stubborn straight ends! Sadly, scrunching them just isn’t cutting it anymore.

After you’ve found the strength to get a haircut, it’s time to get to know your hair products. This is where Youtube becomes your new desktop icon. Watch endless videos of curly hair tutorials and “wash n’ go’s” for your hair type. This will give you an idea of how and what to use on your hair.

As for products, I definitely recommend investing in Shea Moisture “Coconut Hibiscus” collection or Carol’s Daughter Milk Collection, coconut oil, and a satin bonnet.

Shea products and Carol’s Daughter are the holy grail for different curly hair types! Oils are good for massaging your scalp to stimulate hair follicles. Lastly, a bonnet is an essential for a curly hair girl to preserve her ringlets overnight. The products can be a little pricey, but you’ll save some serious cash if you buy them in bulk!

It’s important to know what type of curly hair you have. It could range from 2A to 4C. I have 3b/3c hair. Which are sharpie sized ringlets to tight corkscrews. I use one method that is universal for all curly hair types. It’s called the “Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment”. It’s an au natural treatment. NO CHEMICALS! I do this once a month to eliminate frizz, define my curls, and for protein. I strongly encourage this for girls who care more about curl definition rather than volume.

Once you’ve cut your hair, found products that make your curls pop, and hidden your flat iron, it’s safe to say you’re on the right path. Keep this up and let your curls flourish, ladies.

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