This One ‘Lazy’ Habit Actually Helps Your Sex Life

Have you ever felt guilty for having a lazy Sunday, or a lazy any other day for that matter?

Your busy-body roommate, your mom, or even your boyfriend walks in to your room dejectedly, asking, “Have you seriously been laying here all day?”

First off, maybe consider dumping that boyfriend, because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. But second off, your boyfriend should be thanking you for napping from time to time. Why? Because according to Dr. Sara Mednick, sleep medicine researcher, a daily nap boosts your sex drive.

Mednick says that the ideal time to take a nap is before 4 pm for a duration of 20-90 minutes, so don’t try to use this as an excuse to waste half the day away in your bed with the shades drawn. If you’re worried about sleeping until the next day, set an alarm for around 90 minutes (or a bit more, if it takes you longer to fall asleep). For future, you may want to replace you and your partner’s Netflix and chilling for a cuddly power nap, then have a way better boning session after.

After all, if you’ve been in a long-term relationship, you ought to have had a couple (or a lot) of instances where you were simply “too tired” for sex. Riding a dick is basically a high intensity cardio workout, and don’t even get me starting on blow jobs

Essentially, just like any other healthy habit, sleep is needed to function. You can’t drive a car, exercise, or take a test properly when you’re tired, so why should sex be any different? Nothing’s going to bruise your partner’s ego like you dozing off in the middle of him going down on you. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Next time you need an excuse to lay in bed all day with your significant other, sleep until your hungry, and eat until you’re tired again, don’t feel bad. You’re not lazy, or unmotivated, or unhealthy; you’re looking out for your awesome sex life, right? Right.

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