How To Dump That One Dude Who’s In Love With You

Why is it that the guys we like are never the ones that like us back? The guys that are in love with us are always the guys that we see as “just friends,” the guy that is off limits, or that creepy janitor from your work. Sometimes, the guy we’re into ends up not being the guy we thought he was. Maybe you were f*ck buddies for a while, and then you got over it. Maybe you’ve been dating and you’re realizing that your feelings fell short. Either way, breaking up really is hard to do, and it’s even harder when you know your partner doesn’t feel the same way.

Be Blunt

It might be your natural instinct to try to be as nice as possible. Instead of telling the truth, you make up an excuse for your behavior. Something like “you’re amazing, but I need to focus on me right now” or “You would be the perfect boyfriend, but I don’t deserve you.”

Saying stuff like that are only keeping his hopes up that one day you’ll be ready to be with him, and you won’t. I’m not saying you should dole out a long list of where he falls short (his lack of abs, spelling skills, and ability to make you laugh), but you also shouldn’t give him false hope.

It doesn’t have to be hard. Simply explain that you don’t feel the same way about him and you think it’d be best if you stopped seeing each other. If he asks for a reason, give him one. Hell, he wanted the truth and you should give it to him.

Cut All Ties If Necessary

It’s hard to get over someone if you’re constantly seeing them. While you might not want to lose his friendship, it’s not fair for you to keep leading him on and hanging out with him constantly, because then he’ll never get over you. Try to give him some space after breaking the news to him instead of smothering him in attempts to make up for your harsh words.

Don’t Rub Your Rebound In His Face

Social media might make this hard, but try to be a good person and not post pics with your new boo weeks after you tell your old boo that you’re done with him. Unless your ex did something cruel to you, there’s no reason he deserves even more pain of seeing you replacing him. I promise you that your #mancrushmonday can wait another week.

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