This Airline Is Legit Offering $65 Flights To Europe This Summer

If you were pumped about the $150 flights from Cali to Spain, just wait and see what news we’ve got for you.

Another airline, Norwegian Air International Ltd, is also offering super cheap flights from the US to Europe this summer, to the tune of $65 a pop.

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What’s the catch?

Well, Norwegian Air is using smaller planes to fly from smaller US cities to Europe, and hoping to lure customers with the cheap af promotional prices. The first flight they’ll be offering starting June 15th is from Edinburgh, Scotland to Stewart International Airport, which is about 60 miles north of NYC. The promotional seats (there are supposedly about a few thousand) will be $65, and the next level up will still just be $99.

Traveling 60 miles to the airport is not ideal, but with such low rates, it seems worth it. Heck, you could probably take an Uber and still end up paying less than you would pay for a nonstop flight from JFK to Scotland.

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The airline will also start offering flights from Scotland to Providence, R.I., and Windsor Locks, Connecticut in June, and will add flights to Ireland in July.

If you were waiting on a sign, this is it. There are so many new airlines offering cheap ass flights this summer that you can honestly go to Europe for the same amount you’d pay to go to the Hamptons. I think it’s clear what your move should be.

[H/T Bloomberg]

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