The Wild New Song At The Heart of caro♡

caro♡ is a musician and producer who is best known as the lead vocalist and founding member of Planet 1999, a pop group that is signed to the PC Music label. In addition to her work with Planet 1999, caro♡ has also collaborated with other artists such as Charli XCX. and produced singles for performers such as  MEYY and daine. Her debut album, Heartbeats/Heartbreaks, features remixes from Count Baldor, Cecile Believe, and others

Right now, caro♡ is releasing her sophomore album wild at ♡ and if you’ve never heard caro♡ before, i’m certain that the album’s artwork will tell you all you need to know about this peculiar and fantastic piece of art.  

Leading the charge to represent this wild new work, is “behind the clouds” and music video combo that is -tentatively- about looking on the bright side of life, or on the other side of struggle.


“behind the clouds” is not the easiest song to describe, it feels like something entirely new and different from most of what you hear out there. It’s not terribly complex or deliberately obtuse, but it’s certainly unafraid to go for a truly unique sound that embraces Art-pop stylings and avant-garde electronica experimental modulation, a 21st century Fey song filtered through vocal synthesizers and the deeper you go under its influence, the more it dips into new-age hues straight out of a 1999 strip-mall Reiki clinic.


The video itself is simultaneously straightforward and difficult to describe. It is mainly a slide of different footage featuring caro♡ herself singing in slightly surrealistic and oneiric settings with an overlay reminiscent of older video formats with a nice wash-out effect and general lofi vibe. The aesthetics for this music video are surprisingly strong, like something between 3am public access, eerie found footage and vanguardist bjork-core film school experimentation that will fascinate you with its enigmatic simplicity.

Photo Credit: Mathias Adam

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