Excuse?, was crafted under the guidance of legendary producer Rob Fraboni and is teeming with home-grown warmth; it’s 16 tracks casually unfurl spools of intimate texture, hushed melodies, and a wholly inviting atmosphere that puts the listener virtually in the same room as these timeless numbers. The songs – many of them barely cracking the two-minute mark – fly effortlessly by.

Today’s single, “If You Don’t Love Me Let Me Go” is an alternative version of the previously released “IYDLMLMG”. “[“IYDLMLMG”] was actually the demo, and this one is more so what I had in mind for the production. The difference between that one and this one is the difference between chillin’ and kickin’ it”, says songwriter Micah Erenberg.

On their upcoming new album, We were born here, what’s your excuse?, The Secret Beach pays a subtle tribute to Manitoba, reaching beyond the usual “cold and landlocked” portrayals with vivid character studies and highly relatable expressions of uncertainty, growth, and the shifting world around them. The songs fly effortlessly by, nodding to an intriguing variety of major players in the pop music canon (Dylan & The Band, Grandaddy, M. Ward, Elliott Smith), casually unfurling spools of intimate texture, hushed melodies, and a warmly inviting atmosphere that can be chalked up to a loose, organic live-band feel, a preference for vintage analog recording equipment, and spiritual guidance from legendary Planet Waves producer Rob Fraboni.

The Secret Beach is announcing a run of shows through September and October, hitting stops across Canada and venturing into California and the Pacific Northwest. Find more information and tickets HERE.

“If You Don’t Love Me Let Me Go” is out today. We were born here, what’s your excuse? is due to release August 23rd on Victory Pool Records. 

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