The Rebel Beauty Issue Starring The Combs Twins

Interviewed by: Dai Time

The Combs Twins, Jessie, and D’Lila, Cover our Rebel Beauty Issue. The rising models are no strangers to the public eye, their father Sean “Love” Combs is a leading figure in Hip-hop and Mogel. Following in the footsteps of their late mother, Kim Porter, who tragically passed in 2018 – the twins have been hard at work from modeling for Levi jeans to walking in Milan for Dolce & Gabanna. Jessie and D’Lila are destined for greatness – all before turning 18. Our girl Dai Time chats with twins about Beauty, Fashion, and what their favorite TikTok trends are at the moment. We partner with the girls at Shea Moisture for our Rebel Beauty Issue, read our full Interview below.

Featured Interview:

What are 3 of your “in my bag” must haves?

Lip gloss, Lotion, and Lip liner

How is your creativity going to help continue your family dynasty?

Our creativity will play a crucial role in building our own personal brand, leveraging our family’s expertise in fashion and entrepreneurship to establish a new venture.

Being twins how are you similar and how are you different?

We are similar because we choose to wear the exact same clothes and do everything together. However, we are different in terms of our personalities, height, and looks.

Wearing Dolce & Gabanna
Nadine Merabi Leona Hot Pink Jacket

What is one piece of advice your mom or dad has given you that has stuck with you over the years?

Our mom taught us to “pick your battles,” which has helped us be cautious about situations we get into. Our dad told us “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop,” inspiring us to never stop chasing our dreams.

What are your aspirations and dreams; where do you see yourselves at 21?

At 21, we see ourselves being very successful with our billion-dollar brand and having a skyrocketing modeling career.

Beauty is a major moment with Gen Z; have you guys ever thought of creating a beauty or fashion brand and follow in footsteps of your dad with music as teen moguls?

Absolutely! We think about it every day and have plenty of ideas we can’t wait to share with the world.

Nana Jacqueline dress.
Casanova brand, Caramella Dress.
Sarah Sokol Millinery hat. Jewels by House of Emmanuel.

What is your beauty philosophy?

Our beauty philosophy embraces self-expression and individuality.

How are you redefining your legacy?

We aim to create our own path, leveraging our individuality and talents to redefine our legacy in fashion, beauty, and business.

What is your favorite TikTok trend at the moment, and what trend do you totally hate?

Our favorite trend right now is the Deli remix with our dad’s song Benjamins. We don’t have any trend that we hate now.

Wearing Caramella

Which artist takes up the most space in your playlist?

Not including our family members, Sza or Drake definitely do.

Your dad has made some of the most iconic music ever; what song of his do you both love to listen to?

We love his newer one, “Moments” with Justin Bieber because he is one of our favorite artists.

If you could only have 2 apps on your phone, what are the 2 apps?

TikTok and Instagram

Must-have wardrobe item? Is it skirts, jeans, socks etc.?

A Bikini

Wearing Dolce & Gabanna

What is the weirdest food combo that you love?

Takis and sour cream

If you could put a name on your style/fashion aesthetic, what would it be called?

Unique but relevant

Tomboy or glam; who are your style icons?

We embrace both styles. Some days we can be tomboyish while other days, we can be glamorous.

You walked in the Dolce & Gabbana show; how was that experience and how did you prepare for it?

Walking in the Dolce and Gabbana fashion show was a true dream come true. Before that, whenever people would ask us about our dream brand to walk for, our answer would always be Dolce and Gabbana. The whole experience was amazing; it was our 1st time in Venice, Italy and the whole DG team was so nice and welcoming. The day we found out about this opportunity we immediately started looking for some model coaches to ensure we were confident for the big day in Venice.

What is your favorite place for vacation and where is one place you are both dying to visit and why?

One of our favorite places for vacation would definitely be Jamaica because we had the best time there when we went with our mom. We really want to go to Dubai because it looks so pretty there and we’ve heard that there are so many great places to go shopping.

Who are your SHEROES?

We have a bunch, but just to name a few: our mom, Beyonce, Naomi Campbell. Those are our role models/sheroes.

Wearing Mach & Mach, Jewelry by House of Emmanuel.

Now that you girls are dating age, what is a dating red flag in teenage boys?

If a boy is disrespectful towards women, that’s an immediate red flag.

How do you feel about matching sets? Basic or Gorg?

We love matching sets. They are so comfy and we could always rock them any day.

If you could only shop at one fashion brand for the rest of the year, what brand would it be?

For the rest of the year, anything from Alo for sure.

What fashion brand are you both obsessed with at the moment?

Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, True Religion, Diesel.

What is next for you both on this superstar journey?

We have a lot of things coming up: skincare, clothing lines, makeup, accessories.

INSTOCK tights, Shoes (left) Giuseppe Zanotti, Nana Jacquline.

Team Credits:

Talent: The Combs Twins, Jessie and D’Lila, @The_combs_twins

Photographed by: Bonnie Nichoalds @bonnienichoalds

Wardrobe Stylist: Bianca Agrusa @bianca_agrusa

Glam & Hair: Stephen Moleski @stephenmoleskibeauty

Hair: Shea Moisture

Galore Cover Art: Carlos Garcia @sadpapi666

Editor-in-Chief: Prince Chenoa @princechenoastudio

Galore Features Editor: Perrin Johnson @editsbyperry

Hair by Shea Moisture

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