The Perfect WFH Pants & 5 More Things I’m Obsessing Over This Month

Alright, it’s clear that we’re in this for the long haul. So, I’ve focused this month on optimizing my WFH life. This included buying a desk, a chair, and will soon include buying a desktop monitor. But more importantly, it involved really cute tye-dye sweatpants and a basic black sweatshirt that’s cozy, but polished enough for most Zoom meetings (I mean, unless your boss expects you to wear a suit at home like a psychopath).

Here are my favorite things of the month—including something for your self-love sessions and a booty workout.

1. The all-natural version of the bag all your favorite influencers have been posing with

Chaguar Round Handle Market Bag Medium

I could not begin to tell you when every influencer started carrying around lemons and limes in a crochet, netted bag—but I can tell you that seeing them enough made me want one. This bag by Siembra Heritage switches it up a little bit by being available in a bold chartreuse color scheme or black. Plus, their products are all made by an indigenous community of women in Argentina—so you can feel good about supporting their mission. Use the code GALORE15 for an exclusive discount.

BUY IT NOW with code: GALORE15

2. These airy, cozy, cute AF sweats for your WFH uniform 

Onzie Weekend Sweatpant in Nirvana Tye Dye

Summer sweatpants are totally a thing—especially considering the situation this summer. My normal go-to WFH sweats were a little too warm, but this pair of joggers from Onzie are light, cool, and still super comfy. They’re also definitely cute enough to wear out (if I do venture out of the house). I’m actually wearing them as I type this…


3. A lube that’s perfect for all the self-love sessions you’ve been having

Cake Toy Joy

Even if you’ve got a WAP (same, girl, same), there’s no denying that things can be a little less smooth when you’re working with a toy—especially a plastic or silicone one. Part of this is just because it takes two to tango, but also because your toy is not a warm-blooded, naturally-lubricating, human extremity. But the good news is that your toy, unlike Trey from Tinder, won’t give you COVID! Cake’s Toy Joy lube is a water-based jelly that’s specifically designed not to drip off toys—because nobody should have to wash their sheets after a self-love sesh. It’s also vegan and free of fragrance, parabens, dyes, and alcohol.


4. Something boujee that’ll help your hands heal from all the over-washing

Maison Jacynthe Karité Vanillé

Six months in, and we’re all still washing our hands more than ever (if not, you probably should be). While my hands have sort of gotten accustomed to drying hand soaps and sanitizers, I’ve since gotten into the habit of applying lotion to my hands before bed like a woman in a rom-com. But, do you know what works better than lotion? This balm by Maison Jacynthe. It also looks fancy on your nightstand and smells like an expensive perfume.


6. An outdoor workout class to combat office butt

Hi, it’s me at Bunda, wearing a Daniel Patrick set that I talked about in May’s column.

Working out inside my apartment doesn’t really do it for me. It’s kind of like how I can never get any writing done in my bed—that’s a place for sleeping, not working. Likewise, my bedroom and living room are places for chilling, not sweating and doing obstacle-course burpees. I love working out outside, because not only do I get a lil’ extra sweat in, but I also feel like I’m multi-tasking with a tan (something that, like squats, will make me look hotter). I tried LA-based Bunda back in the studio a few months pre-COVID, but I actually like their rooftop classes even better. My booty (and other body parts) are sore AF for the next few days post-class, which is how I know my workout did its job. If you’re not in LA, they also offer Zoom workouts online for $10 a class.


7. The perfect cozy, but lowkey sweatshirt for all your Zoom meetings

Hylete Eclipse Cropped Hoodie, $72

Note to self: stop wearing the Galore NYFW tee from 2013 that says “SEX” on it to Zoom conference calls. My leopard print furry bathroom seems a little too casual too. That’s why this basic black cropped hoodie from Hylete came into my life at the perfect time. It’s lightweight enough that it keeps me cozy vs. sweaty in my apartment, and the basic black means that it won’t offend any potential clients. Plus, it’s also perfect for throwing on after the aforementioned evening Bunda class.


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