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Kelsey and Kendra are experts on everything beauty. In fact, they recently published their own book all about hair. But even if you haven’t read their debut hardcover, you may have seen them slaying on Instagram.

Better known as The GlamTwinz, Kelsey and Kendra are literally popping on YouTube with over 500 thousand subscribers. Their channel discusses everything from health and beauty to a glimpse into their personal lives with their weekly vlogs. At only 25 years of age, these twins have taken their love for all things glam and are now their own bosses. Talk about goals, right? If you love them as much as we do, check out our dope Q+A with your fave YouTube babes.

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How did you fall into the beauty industry?

We’ve always been infatuated with all things beauty since we can remember and knew that we’d do something in this realm.

How did your social media popularity grow so huge?

Kelsey: God’s favor and staying consistent.

Why did you start a YouTube Channel and what content do you make for it?

Kendra: We began our channel because of the constant questions we’d get asked about our hair and makeup. Our Beauty Channel focuses on all things beauty & fashion and our Vlog Channel is more laid back and we allow our followers to get to know us a little better outside the scope of beauty.

What sets you two apart as twins who both are in the beauty industry?

Kelsey: I think what sets us apart is that you don’t see many twin lifestyle & beauty vloggers on YouTube and also our channel is very versatile. We cover various things such as hair, makeup, fashion, ‘Twin Talks,’ and more.

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What tips do you have for women looking to grow their personal brand?

Kendra: Be consistent and put your all into it.

What are the most important factors in becoming a beauty blogger?

Kelsey: Stay up to date and be open to trying new things as far as beauty. It comes with the territory.

Why do you think you have supporters from all over the world?

Kelsey:  The amazing platform of YouTube!

How has your social media popularity aided in you both becoming entrepreneurs?

Kendra: Social media has allowed us to be front and center with the world and has opened up the door for so many opportunities including us writing our very first book: “The GlamTwinz Guide to Longer, Healthier Hair.”

What else do you do other than your YouTube channel?

We are now best selling authors as our book was listed on as a #1 new release and best seller and we are super proud of this. We also have just launched our new website. Our website covers all things beauty, but the main focus is fashion, another passion of ours. We also partner with and are brand ambassadors for many companies and with this we make appearances at beauty events across the U.S.

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What are some personal and business goals you two have?

Next, we’re looking to land a large Fashion deal with one of the world’s top fashion retailers!  Beyond that we just want to continue to build our empire and continue to redefine beauty and play a huge part in championing women’s confidence and self-esteem!

What’s an interesting fact about you that many people don’t know?

Kelsey: We love interior design. We’d love to have a show on HGTV or work alongside the Property Brothers. We love them and think this would be a great addition to the show. Property Brothers x GlamTwinz… has a nice ring.

What was a huge challenge for you to overcome as you grew successfully?

Kendra: Keeping up the demand. We get contacted by just about every brand imaginable looking to partner, but it’s impossible to work with them all. Our Manager does a really great job with helping us to prioritize.

What do you want your supporters to take from this interview?

To always follow your passion. Don’t be afraid to step out on faith and do what you love. We never dreamed of being here, but with hard work, dedication, persistence, and most of all God’s favor; it’s happening for us and we are so very grateful.

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