The Best On-Screen Cliques

While we were all bombarded with an endless amount of Mean Girls memes and articles last week due to October 3rd, or “National Mean Girls Day,” we wanted to pay tribute to our other favorite cliques, before Regina George personally victimized anyone.

The Heathers:


The Heathers were the girls to be before the plastics even existed, but are still completely relevant. While we may not be wearing shoulder pads and willfully matching with our besties anymore, Heathers as a film has a much darker and serious theme than most other “chick flicks.” While their reign is short lived with a quite bleak end, we’ll still watch it over and over again any day.

The Pink Ladies:


The Pink Ladies are our favorite rebel queen bees. Instead of feeling better than everyone else because of their trust funds and high-status, they’re better because they go places that the good girls won’t go. They also hang out with the hottest dudes in leather jackets that make us want to go to a drive-in movie. Not to mention, Sandy is always a great go-to halloween costume.

The Clueless Crew


With the sudden resurgence in 90’s fashion (you can easily cop a yellow plaid skirt set online thanks to Iggy Azalea), Cher Horowitz is a notable icon for more than just her style. Unlike Regina, Cher took in an innocent new kid and actually helped her rather than stabbing her in the back. Besides, we’d be nice to everyone too if we had a revolving closet like Cher…

The Bridesmaids


Leave it to Bridesmaids to remind us that power struggles between ladies exist even after high school *sigh* Luckily, we can hardly worry about who’s writing our names in their burn books when we’re laughing so hard at these girls. What’s a wedding without a little drama anyways?

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