The Art of Brow Tattooing: Brows by Shelly’s Innovative Wax Pencil and Concealer for Precise Pre-Draws

Makeup is expensive and takes time to do properly every day. And every night, there’s the removal process. But is brow tattooing the right alternative? Just ask Shelly Nguyen, founder of Brows By Shelly. Permanent makeup is an investment in your continued beauty that saves money in the long run, as well as keeping you beautiful day and night.

“It’s a very fulfilling feeling to have the client sit up and look at themselves in the mirror,” Shelly says. “And they’re like, ‘Oh my God, I feel like a different person.’ Because brows really do make a big difference on your face. So that kind of feeling is something I look forward to every day going to work.”

Brows by Shelly’s Wax Pencil revolutionizes pre-draws in the world of brow tattooing, which helps the artists to provide unrivaled accuracy and color customization for each individual client to match skin tone and undertones. Concealer Brush with its straight, flat head sets a new standard for precision and control when cleaning up the pre-draw so that it’s easier for tattoo artists to outline the brows.

Nguyen urges clients to trust the artist’s advice, because their extensive training helps them choose the right colors. Sometimes a client will ask for black brows, because they always do them black, but Shelly and her artists know that this color, for this particular client, won’t be the best long-term solution.

“We always think more about longevity and how the color would match the client’s face regardless of whether they decide to dye their hair or something like that,” Shelly says. “Your skin tone generally always remains the same, unless you tan a lot. For the most part color-wise, we always go based on their natural features and their skin tone.”

Nguyen cautions that colors can sometimes be deceptive. For example, on some blondes, especially natural ones with blonde brows, matching can be a challenge. But her artists are up to it. She could give this client a blonder brown, which, when it heals, will be 30 to 40 percent lighter. At that point, the client can always decide to go darker as opposed to going dark the first time, then regretting it and having to wait for it to fade out over time.

“The first time a client comes in, we always ask them if they want something more natural or something more makeup-y,” Shelly says. “If they want something more natural, we can always build up the color.”

One point Nguyen makes is that it’s important to pre-draw before tattooing, and the artist needs to have very skilled precision doing the tattoo. That’s where Brows by Shelly’s Concealer Brush with its straight, flat head, is useful.

“What sets our pre-draw pencil apart is its customized ink fill. We’ve meticulously modified the shade to a cool brown, expertly adjusted to complement and harmonize with all skin types.”

And Shelly doesn’t use any sort of regular template to start off this artistic process, because she and her artists use a more creative approach that keeps her clients from looking alike.

“I shape from their face, so I don’t use stencils. I go based on bone structure, nose, shape of their eyes, and structure of their temple, because everyone’s face is so different,” Shelly says. “We also make sure that the brows are completely symmetrical and I always do this extra step. A lot of other artists don’t do it but I want my clients to see what it would look like when it’s done.”

The founder of Brows by Shelly and her artists get the job done right because they use the right tools and techniques to do a custom job for each client, rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach.

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