Thank F*ck for This Completely Non-Oily Powder Sunscreen

If you’re lazy like me, applying sunscreen always seems like a daunting task. But do you know that the FDA recommends you reapply your sunscreen every two hours? Because I didn’t.

When I discovered this terrifying news, I freaked out (obvs). I tend to only put on sunscreen when I’m going to the beach or in the mornings when I have an extra 60 seconds to blend the white cream fully into my skin. I never have an extra 60 seconds. I mean, you could argue with me on that one. But it feels like I don’t.

Skin-cancer is worse than ever, or at least that’s what recent studies say. Wrinkles are scary, but cancer is deadly! So people, if you’re like me, it’s time to grow up and start paying a lot more attention to your sunscreen application. And lucky for us, there’s a new SPF-laced tinted mineral powder that’s easy to apply and won’t make our skin oily. Yay!

Finding a good powder sunscreen is hard, but Colorscience has developed an innovative way to block the sun with a loose matte powder that’s available in four shades: fair, medium, tan, and deep. Each tube is filled with milled powder that is dispensed through a built-in brush. All you do is invert the brush into the tube and sweep the powder over your face. Not only does it take less than 10 seconds, but the the tinted powder is full of sun protection and won’t get cakey… even if you apply it the every two hours like the FDA says to (excessive, I know).

Caution: Just three years ago the FDA warned that powders’ effectiveness needed to be further evaluated. Today, however, the majority of dermatologists feel as though powder sunscreens are totally safe. If sunscreen has been a part of your beauty regimen for a while now, congrats, and keep at it. But if not, powder sunscreen might be a good segway into the real liquid thing. YOLO.

Colorescience Sunforgettable Loose Mineral Sunscreen Brush Broad Spectrum SPF 30, $57 at Sephora.

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