Taylor Castro Is Taking Us Through the Yellow Brick Road With Her Fantastic Video Ep “Intermission”

Florida-born and Atlanta-based Taylor Castro is a talented multifaceted artist, excelling in various creative fields. As a singer, songwriter, screenwriter, and actress, she has the ability to capture audiences with her extraordinary talents. With a voice that reaches incredible heights, she brings life to stories that are worthy of being turned into novels. Taylor’s ability to convey emotions through her music is truly remarkable, leaving listeners in awe of her talent. “I love both music and acting so much, but I consider myself a storyteller, first and foremost,” she explains. “I try to stand out lyrically. That’s really the way I connect.” Having amassed millions of streams and views, she has garnered significant recognition from numerous esteemed publications. Her remarkable achievements have earned her well-deserved acclaim, solidifying her position as a rising star. Taylor’s debut album, titled “Girl, Afraid,” was a resounding success. The single “Avoiding Me” took the lead, captivating audiences with its catchy melody and powerful lyrics. The album as a whole showcased her versatility as an artist, leaving a lasting impression on listeners and critics alike.


Now, she is gearing up for her highly anticipated next project. The video EP “Intermission” is composed of 6 unique videos/songs. Each one is presented in this vintage sepia format giving a very unique visual take.

Each of the videos draws heavy inspiration from the Wizard of Oz. Taylor is presented to us dressed as a different character from the fairy tale. Let us see where the yellow brick road takes us this day, shall we? “Intermission” opens with a short but sweet intro to “Theodora”. Taylor’s sugary voice is a delight to hear. The soft guitar welcomes us and I gladly accept her invitation. “Shiny Shoes” raises the stakes considerably, the acoustics of the first song are replaced by fast-paced electric guitars and drums! Full of energy and spirit. Taylor’s deep voice feels almost like a modern Alanis Morrisette. An excellent song indeed. “Perpendicular Lines” is a very peculiar title. We slow down once again and now we’re greeted with a sugar-coated piano melody that perfectly complements Taylor’s deep seductive voice. A total roller coaster of emotions. One thing I’m really digging so far is how Taylor presents different sounding songs. From slow sweet acoustic to more energetic alt rock. With a catchy guitar riff leading the way. Next in line is “Fiona”. Taylor’s vocals are a bit more rough and fiercer than on the previous track. The chorus is definitely the highlight of the song and it really takes you away. We went back to Acoustic City with “Pacifier”. This one feels almost like a lullaby embracing listeners into a magical world. The song is refreshingly endearing with Taylor’s soft and delicate vocals. The instrumentals are kept very minimal, allowing the lyrics to take center stage. It’s a beautiful and heartfelt track and my personal favorite. We’re in the final act. Taylor closes her EP with “Chrysalis”. A strong send-off that left me wanting more. The song is a reflection of her journey of growth and transformation. It’s a perfect note to end this EP on, and it definitely left me inspired. What a lovely journey Taylor Castro just took me on. With her unique blend of talent and creativity, there is no doubt that she will continue to push artistic boundaries and deliver exceptional work. Taylor is telling an entirely different story about popular music and culture in the end. “My message is that it’s okay if you feel like you’ve changed, if you’re sad, or if you’re upset,” she explains “It’s okay to experience life. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to get back to that good place. You don’t need to have it all together. If you want to sit down and take a break, you have the right to do so. I hope my music comforts and empowers you, genuinely.” All I can say is she accomplished her goal. Her music brought me a lot of comfort and joy. I really hope I get the chance to hear more from her in the near future.

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