Tash Blake Takes You to Planet Blonde to Reveal Her Debut Album Atomic Blonde

Tash Blake is all about posh pop, expressing herself in ways you have never seen before. Defying every single norm, she’s breaking all the rules and we’re happy to follow. Tash started her career last December with her debut single “Mannequin.” Using her femme-fatale persona she empowers anyone who dares to listen. She followed her lead single and teased her highly-awaited EP with the steady release of three dynamic, multi-layered singles titled “So Bad Together,” “Inject Me,” and “DNA.”


Fresh from the oven, the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter just gifted us with a powerful electro-pop debut EP, titled Atomic Blonde, alongside a glittering music video. Anyone standing in her way will learn she’s not one to mess around with! Recently lauded as “the possible lovechild of Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Madonna,” her background in dance and musical theater prepared her for a career in pop music. It’s her dancefloor roots that drive her to reconfigure herself in the world of pop. A radiant and introspective EP, ATOMIC BLONDE examines Tash’s love for dance music, as well as her career development. 


ATOMIC BLONDE is both a feeling and a statement. There is strength inside of you that can allow you to feel confident in who you are and who you want to become. My debut EP is all about empowering yourself to unapologetically be yourself while also serving as a reminder to let yourself recognize and feel the lows, but always reach for the highs.” she explains. With this 5 track EP, we’re gonna be witnesses to her rising. 

Taking place in a futuristic world, the video is set in ultra-modern times. Directed by Tyler-Marie Evans and with King Chris providing the choreography. The video features a series of robotic dance moves set to a vibrant and futuristic rhythm. The unique choreography is performed by a group of futuristic dancers in a high-tech cityscape. I can’t give enough praise for its innovative take on the future. The video’s stunning visuals and colorful costumes help bring the audience into this futuristic world, while the music and choreography transport them to a place that blends technology and art to create something truly unique. The dancers’ robotic movements and the intricate routines they perform showcase the potential of the future and make for an unforgettable experience. Tash took heavy inspiration from ATOMIC BLONDE, the movie with Charlize Theron. While sporting a soft appearance, her look is almost identical. It’s not that I’m complaining, because the aesthetic fits her so perfectly. She was born to be a strong female icon. Her style, her moves, and her attitude on stage all contribute to her strong presence. Everyone who saw her performance could feel her energy and spirit. Tash not only looked the part, but she embodied the spirit of a strong female icon. Her confidence and energy are palpable.

“I have always been inspired by ‘the future’ in film, books, and television. However, a large majority of the time, the media tends to focus on a dystopian future. I wanted to bring back the vision of the future as it was portrayed in the 60’s – positive, exciting, thrilling, and fabulous! I’ve always loved the 60’s mod fashion aesthetic and for the ATOMIC BLONDE music video, I wanted to create a futuristic planet – Planet BLONDE – where people could celebrate, and live with hope and freedom. My message is always finding the light in the dark and I think that this video represents just that. Additionally, the song itself feels very futuristic, and I wanted the aesthetic of the video to match the song.”

There has never been a pop diva like Tash Blake. The world is ready to embrace her. She breaks boundaries and redefines what it means to be a pop star. Her music promotes empowerment and being true to yourself. With her unique style and sound, Tash Blake is sure to succeed and we’re more than happy to help her achieve her dreams!

Photos: Dennis Leupold




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