The Surprisingly Cool Thing About “50 Shades Darker” Nobody’s Talking About

“50 Shades Darker” is a joke of a film, and reviews have been right to highlight that. But with all the trash talking, everybody’s forgotten to mention the one genuinely cool part of the movie.

Dakota Johnson‘s character, Anastasia Steele, gets eaten out three times and guess how many times she returns the favor?


Christian Grey doesn’t even try and push her head down there once!

Sure, he’s an overly-controlling boyfriend whose emotionless face makes him seem like we’re gonna find out he’s a serial killer at any point, but man is he thoughtful on this one issue.

Although TBH, it is kinda weird he never takes off his pants before they start doing it, especially seeing how Anastasia always has time to get buck naked, but what can you do?

He’s a giver.

50 Shades Darker may be a joke, but at least it understands its audience.


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