Taylor & Zayn’s New Video Looks Emo AF

Taylor Swift is looking hella bummed!

No, it’s not because of Donald Trump. It’s also not because she was too busy to attend a single Women’s March event.

Instead, the erstwhile feminist squad leader just acting in her new music video. Silly Taylor!

Despite her relative silence on the issues everyone else in the country can’t stop fighting about on Facebook, Taylor has been sure to promote the crap out of her new song “I Don’t Want to Live Forever” with Zayn Malik. And now, they’ve put out a teaser for the video. Peep below.

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Although Taylor is known for her girl-empowerment mantra and power squad of all females, many were insulted by the fact that she didn’t participate in the Women’s March this past weekend. Celebs like Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande made appearances and even speeches, making Taylor’s claims at being a feminist seem fake to some.


Nevertheless, the official video will be released Friday at midnight and your mom is probably excited. Meanwhile, we’re imagining how awk it will be for Gigi Hadid to not only listen to her bf and her bff sing about sex but now get a visual aid on top of it! Fun times. 

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(H/T Teen Vogue)

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