This Supermodel’s Mad People Don’t Think She’s a “Real Woman”

The idea of what women are supposed to look like is a contentious issue for literally every living, breathing woman alive on this planet, including supermodels.

In an interview with Glamour, Jourdan Dunn was asked about how her new clothing line with Missguided reaches all the “real women” out there, and Jourdan was quick to point out she’s a real woman too.

“I don’t really like the term ‘real women,’” Jourdan said. “When you compare ‘real women’ to models, it’s like they are not real, and it’s like, what do you mean? I have breasts, I have a vagina, I am very much real.”

And you know what?


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Unless you’re having a spirited debate after smoking a blunt with your besties about holograms or the robots in Westworld, it’s pretty dumb to get on your high horse about wtf a “real woman” is.

Yes, we’ve all probably dismissively said models aren’t real women to our friends – I know I have  – but when you really think about it, that makes no sense.

Like what, models aren’t real women because they don’t have any body fat and have faces rockstars write love songs about?

But at the same time, it’s also hard to really feel bad for models.

Like you know when people are saying they’re not real women, what they’re really saying is that they’re superhumanly hot compared with all the regular-attractive level women out there.

Still, Jourdan has a point.

No matter how hot, average-looking, skinny or curvy you are, all women are real women who will proceed to get testy if it seems like your definition of “real” revolves around fitting into a certain dress size.

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Plus, not to get too deep about it, but the idea that there are and aren’t real women is the same kind of logic conservative lawmakers use to stomp down on transgender rights, you know?

All women are real women, and let’s just leave it at that.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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