Stranger Things Hints At Barb’s Return With New Video

Since binge watching the entire first season of “Stranger Things” within the span of two days, I’ve basically been on the edge of my seat for any new info on season two, and one character in particular.

Her name is Barb.

Well, in “Stranger Things”-like fashion, Netflix uploaded an archive news clip from Hawkins, Indiana on the disappearance of Barb yesterday. Super spooky and just in time for Halloween — or maybe more appropriately, just in time for Day of the Dead.

The clip, which is called a “Minute-by-Minute” archival newsreel from 5 WIYZ, is hosted by Brenda Woods. She’s an actual news anchor from Atlanta who also has marvelous hair. 

Spoiler alert below: if you’ve not watched the entire show, do not continue reading because first of all, shame on you. And two, it’s so great that I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Just to recap: Barb was captured by the Demogorgon at Steve Harrington’s house while Nancy was getting her ho on. There are so many questions surrounding her disappearance. Like, where are her parents? Why is Nancy the only one losing her shit about Barb disappearing?

The biggest question for many “Stranger Things” fans, though, is why could Joyce Byers and Hopper save Will and not Barb? It’s what inspired the #JusticeForBarb hashtag that basically took over social media for what seemed like way too long.

Maybe this is Netflix’s way of confirming that Hawkins is still looking for Barb.

I’m still hoping Barb makes it out of the Upside Down, cuz that’s such a sucky fate.

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